What is a 3-way Suction Chimney? How Does it Work?

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If you are exploring the market, you can find various types of kitchen chimneys. Some chimneys are designed to reduce the noise in your kitchen whereas some chimneys are designed to offer a pollutant-free environment. If you are willing to install a chimney in your kitchen, then the 3-way suction chimneys is a good choice. In this modern world, everyone wants advanced feature like auto cleaning in their chimneys.

What is a 3-way suction Chimney?

3-way suction Chimney

The primary purpose of the three-way suction chimney is to reduce the smoke with the help of multiple suction inlets that are on the top of the chimneys. The 3-way suction comes with three different angles, so all dust and odour and dirty fumes can be sucked easily. This chimney has multiple inlet points on the side of its edges.

As such, no smoke particles have to set in your kitchen ceiling. Infect your kitchen wall are staying neat and clean. With that said, you can understand how a 3-way suction chimney feels advantageous over the rest of the kitchen chimney types. Anyone can buy the popular options of 3-way chimney online and get the right one with ease.

Benefits of having 3 Way suction Chimney:

Generally, the regular chimney sucked the smoke and oil particles by the motors and filters. But 3-way suction chimney catches all fumes and creates a balanced suction. Apart from this, there are lots of benefits-

  • As compared to the regular chimney, 3-ways suction had an advanced suction power motor.
  • There are multiple inlets for the motor that has less pressure. This kind of technique diversifies the intake of air and help in sucking more amount of greasy air inside.
  • With three multiple suction that prevents noise and offers you a noise-free environment. Due to the effectiveness and lower noise, most restaurants and hotels prefer this kind of chimney.
  • It has three equal balanced suction. It is the premium quality of this chimney. Suppose the one inlets gets stopped, the other inlet works on the hood and can suck out smoke within a few minutes.
  • It is a smart product with successful durability to ensure a value for money deal. Comparing a three-way suction chimney to a regular one can help you understand how beneficial it is.

Needless to mention that this chimney type is quite popular, and it works methods that such from three different positions. Getting rid of maximum smoke fumes and oily particle is easy. This thing will give you a clean vibe during long day use.

How does the 3-way suction Chimney work?

No doubt that new technology has changed the kitchens entire look. Maybe you have a curiosity about how exactly it works? Fortunately, modern appliances utilize electricity to suck air fumes. The 3-way suction Chimney has multiple inlets, each inlet filled with an advanced motor. The smoke particles are sucked from the entire kitchen. If, any fumes are remaining in the kitchen space, by the wind all fumes are sucked back into the hood by these inlets.

The secondary process is filtration. Once the smoke and fumes have been exhausted into the hood, the oil particles are filtered out.


Based on the working, design and key advantages of a 3-way suction chimney, you can say that it is the best type. During the purchase time, looking at the design, build quality, type of filters, suction power, warranty, reviews, and the manufacturer can reduce confusion. Maybe you have seen plenty of 3-way suction chimney in the neighbourhood, but seeing it in front working like a powerful cleaner is mesmerizing. Make sure that you consider the reputed brands only.