10 Best Elica Kitchen Chimney in India 2022 – Expert Reviews


The modern-day Indian home kitchens are getting smaller than ever before. And if you are opting for modular and predesigned kitchens, you should consider the ventilation in mind. IN the modern world, the best way to add ventilation to the kitchen is the kitchen chimney. These flawlessly designed kitchen chimneys are meant to provide the … Read more

How to Calculate Kitchen Chimney Suction Power and Capacity?

suction power of chimney

During the use of a kitchen chimney for months, the suction power and capacity reduces. The decline in performance is due to dead filters, poor maintenance, and whatnot. The easiest option in such a situation is to clean filters and ensure effective working. What if everything is alright, but there is some fault in the … Read more

How does Auto Clean kitchen Chimney Works?

Hindware 60cm 1100 m3

When it comes to the purchase of a kitchen chimney, most people feel confused about the type. Among all options, automatic cleaning kitchen chimneys are getting a huge demand. It has some quirky features to clean the filter automatically, increase longevity and impressive functioning. If you have an automatic cleaning kitchen chimney installed, then you … Read more

What is a 3-way Suction Chimney? How Does it Work?

3-way suction Chimney

If you are exploring the market, you can find various types of kitchen chimneys. Some chimneys are designed to reduce the noise in your kitchen whereas some chimneys are designed to offer a pollutant-free environment. If you are willing to install a chimney in your kitchen, then the 3-way suction chimneys is a good choice. … Read more