Seven Deadly Mistakes People Make with their Chimneys

Here is the list of seven deadly mistakes people make with their kitchen chimneys. There are some direly required precautions one should do regularly to maintain and enhance chimney’s life.  The Seven Deadly Mistakes People Make with their Chimney are:

  1. Ignoring regular chimney maintenance and inspections
  2. Putting inappropriate fuel in the fireplace
  3. Building fires that are too large
  4. Not cleaning the chimney regularly
  5. Allowing creosote to build upon the inside of the chimney liner
  6. Installing a gas insert without proper ventilation
  7. Not having a qualified professional install or service your fireplace


“Tips for Cleaning a Chimney”

We have compiled the best tips for cleaning a chimney in your kitchen. Have a look into it.

  1. Have a professional clean your chimney at least once a year. This will ensure that all of the creosote and soot is removed, and it will help to prevent dangerous fires from happening.
  2. If you are going to do it yourself, be sure to purchase the correct tools and safety gear before getting started. Chimneys can be extremely dirty and dangerous, so take precautions!
  3. Make sure the fire in your fireplace is completely out before cleaning the chimney – this will avoid any accidental sparks that could start a fire.
  4. Start by sweeping away any big chunks of debris or soot with a brush or broom (remember to wear gloves!).
  5. Next, use a vacuum cleaner fitted with a narrow attachment (or even an old fashioned dustpan) to clean up smaller bits of dirt accumulation inside the chimney flue pipe – make sure you keep the vacuum cleaner as you go!
  6. Finally, spray down all surfaces with water using either a garden hose or power washer (again taking care not to cause any sparks). Allow everything plenty of time to dry before starting another fire in your fireplace

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How to remove chimney Ashes?

According to our expert guide first, make sure that the ashes are completely cool before you try to remove them. Once they are cooled, use a shovel or broom to remove as much of the ashes from the chimney as possible. Next, take a shop vacuum and suck up any remaining ashes. Finally, if there is still some residue left in the chimney, use a brush to scrub it clean.

However, the following steps could also be followed to remove ashes from a chimney and will vary depending on the specific situation. Some general tips that may be useful include:

1) Wear appropriate safety gear – including gloves and a dust mask – when removing ashes from a chimney.

2) Use a shovel or other tool to scoop the ashes into a container. Be careful not to spill any ash onto yourself or your surroundings.

3) Dispose of the ashes in an outdoor trash can or designated fireplace area.

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