How to Use Kitchen Chimney Properly?

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A kitchen chimney might seem like a small piece of equipment with a little role but in reality, it helps to keep you clean. The simplest design to pull smoky air and throwing outside the home provides pollutant free-living inside your house. The oils and cooking smells can make it hard to breathe inside but the use of a reliable kitchen chimney will work effectively and it will provide a range of additional advantages.

However, the right method of using a kitchen chimney plays an important role. Some people think that chimneys don’t require much maintenance but there are a few important aspects that you should consider to have flawless use. Here are seven important tips that you can consider while using a kitchen chimney inside your home. Let’s begin by learning the basic aspects –


  1. Height of Chimney

The cooktop in the kitchen is ideally placed at a height where you can access the ingredients easily and have an easy look at food. However, mechanics don’t consider the need of measuring the right height of the chimney from the cooktop. If the kitchen chimney is too close to the cooktop then it will get dirty easily and it might catch fire due to evaporating oils. Always look for a minimum height of 650 to 750 mm. This is the most recommended kitchen chimney installation height that you should be considered for safe use.

  1. Open Flames are Risky

While cooking something with the use of oil, try to avoid flames. It is said that if you cooking something in open flames, it can cause more fire and burns. The easiest method to avoid such a situation is by avoiding open flame cooking.

  1. Remove Plastic Films

The plastic films on the kitchen chimney are installed to prevent scratches while manufacturing and delivering the product. These plastic films are made of cheap quality material and these can catch flames instantly. To avoid any further issues, always remove plastic films. You can double-check everything that is connected like the chimney, pipes, and display section. This will prevent you from unwanted issues in the future that’s why it is an important factor to take into consideration.

  1. Chimney Filters Cleaning

In most houses, people don’t look after cleaning chimney filters for years and it can result in inefficiency. The kitchen chimney is not going to work effectively and you might face some issues like the cooking smell in the kitchen and this factor matters a lot. Clean chimney filters frequently to have a flawless working. By this, your chimney is going to consume less electricity also.

  1. Instruction Manual

Most people end up throwing the instruction manual and don’t consider the necessity of checking to learn about safety features. This can result in operational issues. You might be relying on the chimney for efficient working but there are many other things like new smart features that you may skin on. By learning about the instruction manual, you will have a smooth use.

Bottom Line

Even though using a kitchen chimney is easy, learning about some safety features will result in a flawless and efficient use for years. You can expect a better lifespan from the existing kitchen chimney and there will be efficient working at the same time.

One more thing that you should not avoid is the buying guide to grab the right kitchen chimney for greater use. There is an intense variety to choose from and if you look after the right one based on design, size, power, and working factor, you can ensure a better use with ease.

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