How to Calculate Kitchen Chimney Suction Power and Capacity?

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During the use of a kitchen chimney for months, the suction power and capacity reduces. The decline in performance is due to dead filters, poor maintenance, and whatnot. The easiest option in such a situation is to clean filters and ensure effective working. What if everything is alright, but there is some fault in the blower or power supply? Well, it would be a better choice to calculate the kitchen chimney suction power to figure it out.

The spacious kitchen requires extra efforts in sucking up air, and it makes things typical when it comes to calculating the suction power. To calculate the suction power, you have to consider the volume of the kitchen and multiplying it with specific numbers. To understand, you can learn it with a simple example.

suction power of chimney

How to Calculate?

For instance, assume a kitchen with a dimension of 5 x 5 meters. The ceiling wall is at a height of 3 meters. To calculate the volume, you multiply these three numbers.

  • Volume of Kitchen = 5 x 5 x 3 = 75 m3

In this situation, the required suction power to remove greasy air out of your kitchen is the volume of the kitchen multiplied by 10.

  • Suction Power = Kitchen Volume x 10 = 75 m3x 10 = 750m3/h

This method will let you know how much suction power is adequate for your kitchen. Make sure that you always consider the volume of the kitchen before finalizing the right one. But, what are the key factors that affect suction power? Well, let’s have a look.

What Affects Suction Power?

Three key factors affect the suction power and the capacity of a kitchen chimney. To eradicate having such issues, considering these aspects can come in handy –

  • Ducting size of kitchen chimney, the length,or the diameter
  • The number of bends in ducting can reduce performance
  • Intense use of oily Cooking habits

Anyone can choose high suction power kitchen chimneys to get rid of all the major issues they are facing.

Tips to enhance Chimney Suction Power

In case, the suction power of your kitchen chimney is reducing and you want to get rid of such issues then it would be a better choice to maintain the kitchen chimney properly. Here are some important tips mentioned that can help in enhancing the chimney suction power-

  • Mostly, the kitchen chimney needs a wide filter area. That has an effective way to boost your chimney power.
  • For better improvement baffle filter is more preferable to a cassette filter. In the baffle filter, oil grease can be stuck inside that does not affect the chimney suction life.
  • If you want to maintain suction power at least for 5 years, then you have to choose regular cleaning for suction power. Cleaning suction power means, to catches the smoke particles, oil and odour.
  • If you are looking to installing the best chimney in your cooking space, then many options offer the best working at an affordable price point.
  • Don’t be careless with the maintenance of a chimney. If you found any issue in your chimney, then repair it at that time. It helps in improving the chimney’s suction power.

After following all the above-mentioned tips, you can maintain a kitchen chimney in a better manner. Keep in mind that cleaning the kitchen chimney filter and replacing it after a span is essential for effective working. There will be no issues related to performance if you follow the mentioned tips.

Bottom Line

Once you know the formula to calculate kitchen chimney suction power and its capacity, you can enhance the overall performance. No doubt that performance reduces when the filters are clogged or there is any blockage at the end of the chimney exhaust. You can use this formula to understand suction power and keep maintaining the chimney in a better manner.