How Much Electricity a Kitchen Chimney Uses?

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For the most part, kitchen chimneys are going to provide a great use with less electricity consumption. There are small motors which are providing a great suction with effective use. Most kitchen chimneys are equipped with similar power motors but if you are looking at a restaurant kitchen chimney then the motor power might vary.

Most manufacturers use highly efficient brush motors which are going to run smoothly at 150 to 250 watts of power. Using this power, we can figure out how much electricity a kitchen chimney in India uses. The below mentioned are a few calculations that will you get approximate of electricity usage –

Why is a Chimney Necessary

For Common Household Use

The cooking process takes about one hour and if you are cooking twice you will be using the chimney for two hours a day. However, the motor stays on idle and when it detects smoke, the motor starts working. Most people don’t turn on the kitchen chimney when they start cooking. Usually, people turn on power when they find a little smell of smoke in the house. If you calculate one hour of daily use in a year, then it will be approximately 73 units. It is less than $10 in most states in the US.

For a Restaurant Use

Restaurants have to keep on using kitchen chimneys and they are most probably cooking for 7 to 9 hours on a busy day. Thinking that the daily use of kitchen chimney is 8 hours on a commercial-grade chimney, electricity consumption is high. These chimneys are equipped with more than one motor which works at 500 to 600 watts. The electricity consumed in an entire year is approximately 1000-1100 units. This much electricity is going to cost less than $100 in the United States. So, you can say that chimneys are quite efficient.

Numbers Might Vary

Even though there are 250-watts motors used inside the kitchen chimney. There are smart features like auto turn off and star rating. So, the star rating is about efficiency and the smart features reduce consumption. The numbers that we mentioned above can cut by 30% with these features and you can have great use.

There are small lights of 25 watts used inside the kitchen chimney. Few people use it and few avoid it but if you love to illuminate the cooking area then it will add up in electricity consumption. The best part is, you can have a smart kitchen chimney which comes with features to save electricity.

The Final Verdict

Kitchen chimneys are designed with features like auto-turn on/off features, slow suction at less power, and LED bulbs for illumination. These features are going to reduce the usage of additional light in the kitchen and it will save you plenty of electricity. While cooking, you can turn on the smart features and have better usability in an easy manner. Make sure that you consider the motor power and star rating while purchasing a kitchen chimney.

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