How does Auto Clean kitchen Chimney Works?

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When it comes to the purchase of a kitchen chimney, most people feel confused about the type. Among all options, automatic cleaning kitchen chimneys are getting a huge demand. It has some quirky features to clean the filter automatically, increase longevity and impressive functioning. If you have an automatic cleaning kitchen chimney installed, then you can find that the sticky oil particles collect in the oil collector that is right below the chimney. This simple feature helps in reducing human interaction in the cleaning process. If you are wondering that how does an auto clean kitchen chimney works, then check out the below mention five steps –

How does Auto Clean kitchen Chimney Works?

Step 1 – Position Non-stick turbine Blower

Looking closely at an auto clean kitchen chimney can help you understand how it is made. There is a non-stick turbine blower installed. It is made of aluminium.

Step 2 – Fumes Passing through the filters

When you are cooking something, oily and greasy fumes pass through the aluminium non-stick turbine blower. This turbine moves the fume particles to the blower wall.

Step 3 – Thermal Wall

These particles fall when the thermal wall heats up. There is a collector tray installed right below the aluminium non-stick turbine blower. When the wall heats up, oily and greasy particle starts dripping down.

Step 4 – Remove the Tray to Clean It

Once you are done cooking, you can keep this chimney working for a few more minutes to suck poor odour. The oil particles drip into the washable collector. You can remove it and wash it off.

Step 5 – Mount the Tray

It would be better to mouth back the collector tray at the same position properly. If you find any issue removing or installing the back collector tray, check out manuals to have a better understanding.

In these five easy steps, an auto clean kitchen chimney works. When you head toward the purchase of a new auto clean kitchen chimney, you should learn about the working method and check out manuals to understand how oily particles collect in the tray.

Reasons to Buy Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney

After learning about its design and working, it is easy to claim that this type of chimney is reliable. But what are some other factors which make it a phenomenal choice among buyers? Let’s explore a few advantages –

  • Oil and greasy particles present in a regular kitchen chimney affect suction power and reduce its performance. In this case, you won’t have to deal with performance issues.
  • There is no need for cleaning the filters frequently when they are not getting dirty as before. Usually, the maintenance period of a regular chimney is two months but it increases to five months with auto-clean chimney.
  • When you use auto clean kitchen chimney, oil collects in the bowel that reduces the need for frequent washes to the filter. With that said, you can expect better durability of existing filters, which will indirectly save your money.
  • Oil clogging in a regular chimney reduces the effectiveness, and the blower takes more time to clean smelly odour or Smokey particles. In this case, the aluminium non-stick turbine has a blower to get rid of oil clogging effectively.
  • The maintenance part is simple, and the higher convenience rate ensures better usability for years. Cleaning and maintenance won’t be a big issue for most households.

These five advantages of kitchen chimney ensure the quality use and better convenience rate of installing auto clean kitchen chimney. It would be a better choice to spend some extra bucks to buy auto clean kitchen chimneys over the regular ones.


Needless to mention, the auto clean chimney works effectively and provides you with a ton of advantages that a regular kitchen chimney can’t. You must consider essential aspects like design, working, suction power, and reviews of other buyers during the purchase time. Making the right purchase seems easier after considering all the important aspects.