10 Best Kitchen Chimney In India 2020 – Expert Reviews & Guide

You will not deny the fact that Cooking in India is all about frying, spices and grilling. They involve different types of spices to make a curry and hence the fumes can spread out easily in the whole home. You might have realized that on many occasions that while making paratha, the house can get smoky and this may sometimes trigger the fire alarm as well. In addition to this, when you someone is cooking a spicy curry then your eyes may start watering because of the chilli tadka. The worst part is that the fumes leave a mark on your kitchen walls and tiles. The grime is also collected over the cabinets which makes them look really dirty with the time. The end result is that you need to spend money and a lot of time cleaning these places. Some of these places can even be hard to reach.

So, what do you think is the best solution to all these issues? Well, we are sure that you would agree that installing a chimney really makes sense in Indian homes and it will solve all the issues for you. The chimney will basically direct all the fumes and odour outside of the house and hence you will have a cleaner home. The grime will be collected only on the chimney filters which can be cleaned once in a while. They also extract all the carbon dioxide that is generated in the process of cooking and hence offering you a healthy area to live in. Overall, it is certainly recommended to install a chimney in your modern Indian kitchen as they are certainly much more efficient than an exhaust fan.

To help you further, we have listed some of the best chimneys available in the Indian market but before we move ahead to list of the best products, we would like to share some of the benefits of the chimney so that we can justify this purchase to you. Move on to the next section to understand why do you really need a chimney in your kitchen.

Why Use A Chimney In Your Kitchen?

If you are still not sure regarding your purchase then you must look at the reasons why should use a chimney in the kitchen. Here are the details

  • Keeps Kitchen Clean – The first thing to note is that the chimney will help you in keeping the kitchen clean. You will not experience grime accumulation and this will ensure that the cabinets, counter, walls and even tiles remain clean. The only thing that you might have to clean over time is the chimney filter.
  • No Unwanted Smell – Next thing that you must understand is that the chimney will help you in removing the unwanted odour from the house. While cooking, the strong exhaust in the chimney will extract the odour immediately which will ensure that you do not face any irritation in eyes and nose.
  • No Smoke in House – The next reason why you must use a chimney is that it will extract and remove all the smoke from the kitchen. Yes, the kitchen can get filled with smoke while you are making parathas or while you are grilling chicken on LPG. The chimneys will remove all these things easily.
  • Reduce Indoor Air Pollution – When LPG burns, it produces CO2 and Water. Carbon dioxide is certainly not good and leads to air pollution. In certain cases, because of inadequate burning, there may be Carbon monoxide being produced in the kitchen. Chimney can extract all the harmful cases and throw them out of the house
  • Improving the Looks – The last thing that you might want to consider here is that it would improve the looks of the kitchen. There are really beautiful designs available in the market which are worth looking at. You can even choose an elegant glass design.

Best Buy Chimneys Online in India

Let us now move ahead and check out the top 10 best chimneys for kitchen that you will find in the Indian market. You can refer to the features of the chimneys and you can even visit the product page to check out the product in details. On the product page, you will also be able to check the price of the chimney. Here are the top 10 best rated kitchen chimneys in India that value for money:

1. Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

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The first product on our list is from Elica and this is certainly one of the most advanced chimneys that you will find in the Indian market. The chimney features some of the amazing features like auto clean and the touch control panel. With the help of these touch buttons, it is a lot easier to control the chimney and there is a button that helps you in cleaning the chimney with just a simple touch. During the auto clean functionality, elements gets heated to get rid of the sticky grime inside the chimney. All these things are collected in an oil collector below.

Apart from the features listed above, the chimney gets a LED lamp which is a standard across the chimney. The baffle filter removes the smoke and odour very effectively as well. Talking about the dimensions of the chimney, the LxB is 59.5 cm x 44.5 cm. The length of the duct cover is 49 cm. If you purchase this chimney then you will also be provided with an installation kit which includes an Aluminium Duct Pipe, Clamp, Cowl Cover and Aluminium Tape. The chimney also gets a LED display which shows you the temperature and the time since which the chimney is running. Overall, it is one of the best product in the Indian market and it certainly represents the state of art features for you. With a maximum noise level of 58 dB, this chimney becomes an ideal purchase for you.


  • This chimney has a size of 60cm and it can be used with a stove of 2 to 4 burners
  • The suction capacity of this chimney is 1200 m3/hr.
  • In terms of the warranty, the brand offers 1 year warranty on the product and 5 years warranty on the motor.
  • The chimney gets a touch control panel along with an oil collector.

2. Hindware 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney – Nevio 60

Hindware 60cm 1200 m3hr Auto Clean Chimney

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Hindware is another popular brand that you will find in the Indian market and the next product on our list is from Hindware. The advantage of choosing this chimney is that you can choose the size of the chimney. Yes, this is available in a 60 cm size and 90 cm size. Apart from this, the chimney has a suction power of 1200 m3/h which is more or less the standard across the market. This model is also loaded up with features and the list of features includes thermal auto clean, 2 LED lamps, oil collector cup and SS Baffle Filter. The auto cleaning feature certainly comes as a blessing when it comes to cleaning of the chimney. It should be noted that you need to clean the filter and the chimney just once in every 6 months.

Talking about other details, the chimney looks really amazing as it has a curved glass design with a stainless steel finish. All these factors contribute to making this one of the best models in India. This model features a metallic blower which increases the life of chimney and this is coupled with feather touch controllers and a display. You can certainly choose this product and ensure a smoke free, clean and fresh kitchen for your loved ones. Our vote goes to Hindware Nevio 60 when it comes to performance and value for money.


  • The dimensions of the chimney are 52 cm x 50 cm x 60 cm. This represents the length of the chimney, breadth of chimney and height of the duct.
  • The brand offers a 1 year warranty on the chimney and 5 years warranty on the motor.
  • You also get an auto clean feature with this chimney which makes cleaning really easy.
  • The chimney is available in 2 sizes; 60 cm & 90 cm.

3. Eurodomo 90 cm 1200 m3/h Auto-Clean Chimney – Hood Classy HC BK 90

Eurodomo 90 cm 1200 m3

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Are you looking for a chimney that offers you better coverage? Well, check out this model from Eurodomo which features a 90 cm size for you. Before we forget, it should be noted that this chimney is available in 60 cm size as well but here, we are going to talk about the 90 cm version. This chimney can be used if you have a stove with 3 to 5 burners. Apart from this, you will love these specifications and the design of the chimney. Talking about the dimensions first, the chimney has a length of 90 cm and it has a height of 60 cm. The width of the chimney is 48 cm.

The chimney comes with a baffle filter which can easily be cleaned. To add-on to the features, the chimney also has an auto-clean feature which automatically cleans the chimney and collects the oil in a dedicated oil collector. This baffle filter is designed with stainless steel which is resistant to corrosion and it also ensures that the oil is dragged down to maintain cleanliness. The curved glass mount gives it an elegant look and this is coupled with a premium black finish which adds to a modern look to the chimney. The standard function that we forgot to mention about is the 2 LED lights that can be turned on as per your requirements.


  • The warranty offered by the brand on this chimney is 1 year however, there is a 5 year warranty applicable on the product.
  • You get touch controls for controlling the chimney and this is coupled with a screen as well
  • The size is enough for a stove with 3 to 5 burners. In addition to this, the chimney has the suction power of 1200 m3/h
  • The chimney has low noise levels of 58 dB only.

4. Elica 60 cm 1100 m3/hr Chimney – ESCG BF 60 NERO

Elica 60 cm 1100 m3

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This is the second product from Elica in our list and one of the major difference between this one as the first one is that of price. So, if you are looking for something that is affordable then you can opt for this filter from Elica. Talking about the features of this chimney from Elica, this has a premium stainless steel finish and it is available in Black and Silver colour. The suction power is good and you can use it with a stove of 2 to 4 burners. There are also 2 LED lamps integrated into the design.

Talking about the filter used here, you get a Stainless Steel Baffle Filter which ensures that the grime is separated out and the smoke is expelled outside. The curved glass design gives it an elegant look and the warranty protects you from any kind of manufacturing defect. One of the good think about this chimney is that it is very power efficient which means that you will save on the electricity bills as well. Apart from this, the noise levels are also very much under control so you may not worry about exceeding the noise levels and waking up the sleeping toddler in the house. As mentioned earlier, this chimney is certainly worth the price and it offers value for money for the people looking for the basic yet efficient chimney.


  • The size of this chimney is 60 cm and it has an air suction capacity of 1100 m3/h.
  • The chimney has 3 speed push buttons and a button to control the light as well. These buttons have a chrome finish.
  • You can choose between the two colours available in the chimney which are black and silver
  • The brand offers a warranty of 5 years on the motor and the chimney has an overall warranty of 1 year.

5. Hindware 60cm 1100 m3/hr Chimney – Sabina SS 60

Hindware 60cm 1100 m3

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We have one more product in our list from Hindware and this is also an affordable chimney from Hindware. Talking about the dimensions first, the length of the chimney is 50 cm and the width is 40.7 cm. The height of the duct cover provided with this chimney is 50.6 cm. In terms of controls, this chimney gets Push Button Control along with Stainless Steel Baffle Filter. The baffle filter can easily be cleaned and since it is designed with stainless steel, it is not prone to rust. The chimney also has 2 integrated LED lamps which makes it easier for you to cook the food. It helps you in achieving the optimal level of grill because of better lighting.

The motor of the chimney is very powerful and you do not experience any issues when you are running the chimney for long hours. The only thing that you will notice is that your kitchen is clean and there is no odour or smoke around.With all these features, the chimney proves to be your best companion in the kitchen if you have a stove with 2 to 4 burners. The design covers the stove and hence you do not experience any issues during the course of usage. The filter needs to be cleaned once in 6 months and it is not a hassle at all. You can get the optimal levels of cleaning easily and we would certainly recommend this chimney.


  • This chimney has a size of 60 cm and suction power of 1100 m3/h.
  • You get a 5 year warranty only the motor and the overall chimney comes with the warranty of 1 year.
  • Features a curved glass design which is available in silver and black colour.
  • Also has push button controls along with a stainless steel baffle filter.

6. Faber 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney – HOOD CREST HC SC BK 90

Faber 90 cm 1200 m3

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Next on our list is a product from Faber. This is a reliable chimney which comes loaded with the features.The first thing that you would notice is that this chimney is huge. This means that if you are planning to use a 3 to 5 burner stove then you will be able to fully utilize the chimney. This is probably the first model in the market that comes with a filter-less technology and a control gesture. Yes, that is right, you can control the speed of the motor with hand gestures which means that you would not have to touch the chimney with greasy hands while you are cooking.

The suction capacity is good and the chimney also gets auto clean function which would heat the chimney and remove the grime. As mentioned earlier, there is no filter in the chimney and hence it doesn’t require major efforts in cleaning. The chimney uses angled airflow to ensure cleanliness. This feature is really innovative and even though the chimney is priced at a premium, it is worth purchasing the chimney at that price. It is highly efficient and the oil collector also works quite efficiently. The LED Lights are also very powerful which allows you to get a better visual of you are cooking. Overall, the chimney is durable and one of the sturdiest product in the market.


  • The size of the chimney is 90 cm and you can use it with a 3 to 5 burner stove.
  • The suction capacity of this chimney is 1200 m3/h and it has a noise level of just 58 dB
  • The chimney comes with feather touch control which makes it easy to use the chimney
  • You also get 1 year warranty on the chimney along with 5 years warranty on the rotor and on the motor.

7. Eurodomo 60 cm 1200 m3/h Auto-Clean Chimney – Prime HC TC BK 60

Eurodomo 60 cm 1200 m3

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This is the second product from Eurodomo on our list and the best part is that it is at a much lower price range when compared with other products. In addition to this, the chimney also has an auto-clean feature which is usually missing in the chimney which is priced in this price range. It should be noted that the chimney is available in 2 sizes which includes a 60 cm variant and a 90 cm variant. If you intend to use a 2 to 4 burner stove then you can opt for a 60 cm variant but if you intend to use a stove with 3 to 5 burner then we would recommend you to opt for a 90 cm variant.

Apart from the details listed above, the chimney gets touch controls which makes it easy for you to change the speed of the chimney or to turn-on the lights. You will also get a stainless steel baffle filter with the chimney and it also features an auto-clean feature. With the touch of a button, the heating element heats the element which removes the grime and oil from the chimney. The overall dimensions of this product for a 60 cm model is 60 cm x 48 cm x 60 cm. The last that we are going to mention here is that the chimney is available in black colour with an elegant curved glass design.


  • The size of the chimney is 60cm which comes with a suction power of 1200 m3/h.
  • The brand offers a 1 year warranty on the chimney and 5 years warranty on the motor.
  • The chimney comes with an auto-clean feature which makes it a lot easy to clean.
  • The noise level of the chimney is 58 dB and you can operate the motor at various speed levels.

8. Eurodomo 60 cm 1050 m³/hr Pyramid Kitchen Chimney – HOOD CARBON PB BK 60

Eurodomo 60 cm 1050 m

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Moving on the chimney at number 7 in our list. This is a product from Inalsa Eurodomo and it is a 50 cm pyramid kitchen chimney. This chimney is available in Grey and Black colour and it has a good airflow as well. As per the standard, you get 3 speed settings along with Stainless Steel Baffle Filters. The controls integrated into this chimney includes push button controls and they have a sturdy build quality. There is a dedicated button to control the lights on the chimney as well.Talking from the price perspective, it is one of the most affordable chimneys that you will find in the market and this is the best part about the chimney.

The dimensions of the chimney are 60 cm x 47 cm x 57.2 cm. The suction power of this chimney is 1050 m3/h and it is sufficient for a medium size kitchen. The chimney works efficiently when it comes to extracting smoke and removing odour. The baffle filter can be cleaned once every six months. The added advantage is that the stainless steel filter is quite durable. Apart from this, the chimney comes with 2 year warranty on the overall setup which is maximum in the market. You can really be assured about the durability of the chimney. On the downside, the maximum noise level is slightly high but it is well within the comfort range for your family.


  • A basic 60 cm chimney with a suction capacity of 1050 m3/h
  • Has a noise level of 65 dB with dual light setup and 3 speed settings.
  • The brand offers 2 years warranty on the chimney and 7 years warranty on the motor.
  • Available in 2 colours and suitable for the kitchen with a size of up to 175 sq. feet.

9. Faber 60cm 1000 m3/hr Chimney – Hood Tratto Plus BK LTW 60

Faber 60cm 1000 m3

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With all the products that you have seen from Faber in our list, you would have realized that it is certainly a very reliable brand when it comes to Chimney. If you are looking for one such chimney with a high suction power then you can check this model out. You can use it with a stove of 4 burners and it has a heavy suction capacity. The chimney is fit for kitchens where the total size is more than 200 sq. ft. Yes, it is high on power but you do not have to worry about the noise created by the chimney because of the fact that the maximum noise that is created here is just 58 dB

In terms of dimensions, the length of the chimney is 60 cm and the breath of the chimney is 49 cm. The company provides a duct cover of 72 cm in size. Talking more about the design, the chimney has a curved glass which makes it look really attractive. For the controls, you get buttons to control the chimney. There are 3 speed settings and there is 1 light setting to turn on the 2 powerful LED lights that are integrated into the chimney’s main panel. It is quite easy to clean the filter and since the chimney comes with 3 layer baffle filter, you just have to clean it once every 6 months.


  • This chimney has a size of 60 cm and it is suitable for a gas stove which has 2 to 4 burners
  • The brand offers a 1 year warranty on the chimney and it also offers 12 years warranty on the motor.
  • The suction capacity of the chimney is 1000 m3/hr
  • It comes with a 3 layer baffle filter which can extract the grime out very easily.

10. Sunflame 60 cm 1100 m³/hr Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney – BELLA 60 BK

Sunflame 60 cm 1100 m

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We will now move on to the last product in our list and this is a chimney from Sunflame. The first thing that you will notice about this chimney is the extended glass flaps which makes it an amazing choice in terms of pulling out the smoke and odour. It doesn’t let anything escape because of the concave design. The controls are the push button controls which lets you set one of the three speed levels. In addition to this, you can also turn on the integrated lights with the help of the push buttons. The motor is also quite efficient and it sucks up the smoke and other fumes very easily. Talking about the suction capacity, the capacity of the capacity here is 1100 m3/h which is good enough for a medium-sized kitchen.

The baffle filters that are integrated into this chimney are also durable and since they are designed with stainless steel, you do not experience any discomfort while cleaning them. They can be cleaned once every 6 months and that will be enough. The noise levels for this chimney are also quite low which are between 55 dB to 57.5 dB depending on the speed you select. To conclude, we can say that Sunflame is one such reliable brand that you can choose without a second thought and the products from the brand are also affordable which advantage is certainly for the consumer.


  • This chimney from Sunflame has a size of 60 cm and it is good enough for 2 to 4 burner stove.
  • Features an extended curved glass so that the smoke doesn’t
  • Quite a powerful chimney and it is available in 2 colours which are black and silver.
  • The brand offers a warranty of 1 year on the chimney and 5 years on the motor.

How to choose the best chimney for your kitchen?

You should consider various aspects and facets before making the choice of buying a chimney. Here, we have discussed those aspects in detail. This buying guide will help you find the chimney that is just right for your kitchen. Let’s discuss these aspects.

  1. Consider the size of the chimney

Chimneys come in different size variants. Some of them are large while the others are comparatively smaller. Before buying a chimney, you should always get the details of its size. Make the comparison between the size of your kitchen cabinets and the chimney so that the chimney will fit perfectly in your kitchen and not cause any damage or look odd. A basic rule here is that the chimney you choose must be the size of a stove or cooking platform but never smaller than that.

  1. Consider the design of the chimney

Depending on the design, kitchen chimneys are of two types i.e. Contemporary and Convectional. Contemporary Chimneys are mostly used in modular kitchens because of their sleek design and style symbol. They are generally made of stainless steel and come in different colour variants and are more expensive. On the other hand, Convectional Chimneys are less expensive, less stylish and more focused on performance rather than the style.

  1. Consider the price of the chimney

The price of the chimney depends largely on its size as well as design. Sometimes the chimneys may need additional ducting and this may add up to its price. You should always consider the price of the chimney that you are buying and then buy the one that fits best to your budget. Many manufacturers provide free installation so may not worry about installation charges. But you should always check if the installation is free or not.

  1. Consider the type of the chimney

This aspect completely depends on the structure as well as the construction of your kitchen. There are three common types of chimneys that can fit in various structures of your kitchen. These are – Island chimney, built-in chimney and wall-mounted chimney. The island chimneys are best if you have a cooking platform at the centre of your kitchen.

They hang from the ceiling to provide suction. Built-in chimneys are the ones that are fitted against the wall and inside the kitchen cabinets. Lastly, wall mounted chimneys are fitted on the wall. These are not surrounded by the kitchen cabinets and hence hang solo. Make sure you consider all of this.

  1. Consider the suction power of the chimney

The suction power of your chimney will depend upon its size. The chimney you choose much be able to change the air of the kitchen in a matter of ten minutes. If it takes more than that then you may need a chimney with higher suction power.

There are also calculation methods available on the web that you may use to calculate the size of the chimney your kitchen requires. Most chimney manufacturers provide free installation. They may also help you in choosing the suction power that is best suited for your home. Suction power is a very important aspect that you should never ignore while buying a chimney.

Also, depending on the rooms you have in your home you may need a specific suction power.

  1. Consider the filter of the chimney

There are generally three types of filters in a chimney. These are: Baffle filter, Carbon filter and Cassette filter. Baffle filters are made in such a way that even when they are loaded with grease and oil, their suction power is not affected.

They are best suited to be used in kitchens where Indian food is cooked. It needs very less maintenance. Whereas, carbon filters are widely used for absorbing odour from a kitchen. The oil and grease may get clogged in these and hence these filters need a replacement after six months.

Lastly, Cassette filters are the filters that have a good suction ability but these filters may also get clogged by oil and grease. But unlike carbon filters, these filters can be cleaned once they get clogged and then put back in the chimney again. Hence, you should always consider the filter of the chimney you are going to purchase.

Kitchen Chimney Do’s and Don’ts – Mistakes to Avoid

Now lets’s checkout what are the dos and don’t’s of using a kitchen chimney in India


  • At the time of installation, always keep in mind that the bottom of your kitchen chimney is placed 600 to 800 mm higher above the stove cooktop. A lower height of the kitchen chimney could prove to be problematic for you vis-à-vis your cooking.
  • If your kitchen is undergoing renovation or construction and your kitchen chimney was installed before that time, then do not forget to remove the chimney from the kitchen wall. Also, pack the chimney in the box. We are saying this because the process of construction creates a large amount of fumes, dust, and paint chips that have the potential of damaging the chimney. Such damages are usually not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Before you start using the chimney, always make sure that you do read the instructions manual which is being provided by the brand to the customers.
  • Also, ensure that the electric supply of your home matches to the specifications of the chimney.
  • Always and always make sure that you clean the deposited residues and particles of the oil present on the bottom portion of the kitchen chimney. Because if you do not clean it properly, then this might lead to a fire hazard in your kitchen.
  • All of the technical works such as repairs must be done only by the authorized professionals which the brand manufacturers offer to their customers.
  • Always make sure that you turn off the chimney power if lightning takes place outside.


  • Whenever you start the process of cooking, always make sure that you avoid the open flames. We mean to say that the cook or the user must avoid the flame-based cooking or grilling under the kitchen chimney. Otherwise, there could be a potential risk of damage to the chimney.
  • If you are about to fry something, always make sure that you do not leave the hot oil by itself because this could flare-up and lead to a fire.
  • As soon as the installation process is completed, do not forget to double-check and ensure that all of the parts such as baffle filters and plastic films present on the hood, as well as other parts, have been removed by you. Do not forget to remove them before turning on the kitchen chimney.
  • Do not forget to wash and clean the kitchen chimney filters on a weekly basis, this will ensure a smooth operation of the chimney. Clean the filters once in ten to fifteen days, especially when your cooking involves a lot of grilling and frying.
  • Whenever you perform any sort of maintenance operations inside the kitchen or you remove the chimney filters, do not forget to disconnect the plug of your kitchen chimney from your kitchen’s electric socket.
  • Never allow the small kids, to operate or play around the kitchen chimney.
  • Also, do not allow your pets to come closer to the kitchen chimney. We are sure you would never want anything wrong to happen with your lovely kids and pets.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kitchen Chimneys

1. Should anyone go with a non-ducted kitchen chimney over the ducted ones?

Well, it would not be the right choice if we consider the experts’ advice. There is no doubt that the ducted kitchen chimneys can easily perform well, as compared to the ductless ones. We know that while performing various cooking tasks in the kitchen, the airborne particles and different heat sources play a massive role in increasing the overall temperature and humidity level inside the kitchen. And the one kitchen chimney model that can help you to get rid of this issue is the Ducted one.

On the other hand, the ductless kitchen chimneys only can filter and throw out the fumes or smoke out of the kitchen with a simple method. But in case you want more than this like you want that your kitchen stays cooler and dry whenever you are working inside. In this situation, going with a ductless kitchen chimney system will be a stupid mistake that you will make.

2. Is it the right choice to go with convertible kitchen chimneys?

Yeah, of course, it is an excellent choice to go with convertible kitchen chimneys over the normal ones. Today, many manufacturers offer the convertible type of kitchen chimneys to fulfill the needs of their targeted customers. Basically, the convertible chimneys mean the installation in different ducting modes. Ensure that it has the major feature of converting from the ductless to the ducted chimney system; otherwise, it would be a worthless choice. Suppose that you want to move somewhere else in the future, and you now want to use the ducted chimney instead of the ductless, then don’t worry because it is possible with all the convertible options. 

One more thing that you should always ensure is that the manufacturers are providing the carbon filters out of the box or not. In case, if the manufacturers are not providing the carbon filters out of the box, then you have to buy them additionally, and ultimately this will increase the overall cost. 

3. When should a user wash the aluminum filters?

Washing the kitchen chimneys’ filters is a good habit, and if you want your kitchen chimney system to work flawlessly, make sure to focus on the aluminum filter. In almost all the modern chimney systems, you will get the excellent quality of washable aluminum filters. And mostly all the superb quality of aluminum filters shows excellent compatibility with the dishwashers. Which means you can simply wash these filters directly through the dishwasher. This is how you don’t even need to invest too much of your valuable time to spend on the washing problem of aluminum filters. 

If we talk about how often you should wash the aluminum filters, many experts suggest that you do it once a month. And make sure not to use the detergents that come with a considerable amount of phosphate. It’s because the phosphate mixed detergents can damage the aluminum filter, and it might have happened that you need to replace it with a new one if you do it so.

4. When should a user replace the filters of a non-ducted kitchen chimney?

Again, no one can answer this question with 100% accuracy because it depends on multiple factors. Like how often you use the non-ducted kitchen chimney system, how much amount of smoke or fumes it is filtering, and so on. Talking about the charcoal filters, then as per many manufacturers, you should replace the charcoal filters anywhere between three to six months. Thankfully, in the market, there is some advanced type of kitchen chimney systems present that comes with the indicator light. Actually, this type of light indicator will notify you when you should replace the filters. 

Final Verdict

These are the best kitchen chimneys that you will find in India. You can compare the different models and understand the kind of features that you would like to have in your chimney. If you like to reduce your work then you can choose auto cleaning chimney and similarly, you can choose the type of filter as well for your chimney. Will all these things, refer to the list and check out the deals on these chimneys available in India. Hurry up and do not miss the ongoing deals and offers on these chimneys.