7 Best Kitchen Chimney Cleaner In India 2022

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Stop searching for the best chimney cleaners in India. Instead, read this article to know the seven best chimney cleaners in India. For every individual out there who is looking for the best kitchen chimney cleaners, this article is an ideal place to start.

Modular Indian kitchens are the current trend. Our kitchens are not only productive and functional but also appealing. Elegance and design of our home are extended to kitchens these days. So you must maintain it. Fridge, gas stove, oven, and chimney are few appliances that are widely used in a kitchen. These appliances can be functional and complement our kitchen only when they are well maintained.

In this article, we will be sharing the seven best Chimney cleaners in India. The list was compiled by us after considering the needs and safety of a home. Read through the article to know more about seven best chimney cleaners in India 2020.

Best Buy Chimney Cleaner Online in India

In this part of the article, we will be discussing seven best kitchen chimney cleaners in India. As a customer, it is our duty to learn about the features of the product that you want to purchase. Understanding what to look for in a product is answered when you know its features. This is the main reason why the description of these products includes the features that you need to know before buying them.

1. Lizol Trigger Power Kitchen Cleaner

Lizol Trigger Power Kitchen Cleaner

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Lizol is a well-known brand name in India. It is a company that manufactures various types of cleaning products. The company also makes disinfecting products to help keep our home safe and secure. The line of cleaning and disinfecting products provided by the Company Lizol includes liquid solutions for hard and soft surfaces, air treatment, and handwashing.

Lizol trigger power cleaner is one such product made by the company that cleans and disinfects the kitchen chimney. Important features of the Lizol Tigger power kitchen cleaner are mentioned below.

Features :

  • Cleaner comes in a plastic bottle with a spray attached. The cleaning of the chimney is made simple because of the bottle design. Just spray the chimney with the solution, let it sit, and then wipe it.
  • Products used in the liquid solutions helps to remove or to kill 99.9 percent of germs for the chimney
  • Lizol trigger power kitchen solution can be used to remove grease, baked-on food, dirt, spills or any food stains on the chimney
  • This cleaner can be used on multiple kitchen surfaces like countertops, sinks, cabinets and other kitchen appliances
  • It contains no chemicals and leaves your kitchen chimney smelling of fresh oranges.

2. Cleansol Power HD – Heavy Duty Cleaner and Degreaser

Cleansol Power

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Sometimes few cooking styles like deep frying leaves behind tough stains and grease on kitchen surfaces. Cleaning kitchen surfaces and removing them of our surfaces is a tiresome job. But with the help of heavy-duty cleaners, it can be done easily.

SO for times like these, we have a heavy-duty cleaner from Cleansol to clean and maintain your kitchen chimney. Cleansol belongs to a well-known brand known as Camtech Corporation, which is famous for manufacturing advanced and effective cleaning products. The cleaning products by the company are made for cleaning and maintaining our home and kitchen.

Cleansol, as mentioned in the title, is a heavy-duty cleaner with all the right features.


  • Cleaner by Cleansol, known as Cleansol power HD, is a powerful liquid solution for cleaning our kitchen chimney.
  • Cleansol liquid solution eliminates the tough stains like oil, grease, grime from the chimney, and other kitchen appliances.
  • The cleaning solution is water-based, and it is non-corrosive. The solution is free from acid, ammonia, and chlorine. This feature of the chimney cleaner makes it safe to use in our kitchens without producing harmful fumes.
  • Cleansol power HD can be used on the hood, filter baffles, exhaust, countertops, tools and equipment, floor, and utensils in addition to the chimney.

3. Unitedly’s Drain Cleaner Flakes to Clear Clogged Sinks & Pipes

Unitedlys Drain Cleaner

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Cleaning and maintaining a chimney need to mean wiping the surface clean necessarily. It is important for the life and effective function of the chimney to check its parts and clear it of clogs. A chimney sucks the oil practices and other fumes when cooking. These may contain small particles that can clog the chimney, so it is important to unclog it for effective use.

One such product that helps in clearing the kitchen chimney clogs is united’s Drain cleaners. Unitedly’s again a popular brand in India for cleaning products. If you are planning to buy this product to unclog the chimney then learn its features.


  • Cleaner for unclogging the chimney by Unitedly’s made of caustic soda, an effective cleaner for cleaning and disinfecting any surface.
  • Since the product is made of powerful cleaning material, it is highly advised to avoid touching it with your hands directly.
  • It consists of dry flakes that are easy to clean with
  • Unitedly’s cleaner works very well on the filters of the chimney for clearing any obstructions.
  • it has multiple uses – The cleaner can be used for unclogging drains, sinks, and pipes.

4. Plastron Release On Kitchen Chimney Filter Cleaner Concentrate

Plastron Release On Kitchen Chimney

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Our current lifestyle and surrounding have taught us the need for sustainable living. We have understood how important it is to protect our environment. Using chemical-free and eco-friendly cleaning products is also one way to keep our environment safe. Plastron Release on the cleaner is one such product, which is environment friendly.

Plastron Release on cleaner was designed by the company to help people use products that are safe for their family and environment. The cleaner by the company is an ideal option for all nature – lovers out there. The features of the product that makes it best are listed below.


  • Plastron release on the cleaner is free from caustic soda. The cleaner breakdowns the particles or stains on the surface without any negative consequences.
  • Concentrate of Plastron release on is non – toxic. It is safe to use this cleaner as the materials used in the making of liquid doesn’t harm the environment.
  • In addition to being eco-friendly, the concentration of the liquid solution has no health risks.
  • Cleaner is a risk-free product as it is non-flammable and doesn’t catch fire.
  • Alkaline composition of the liquid solution is soft on different metals when used for cleaning. It is not harmful to the mesh filter of the chimney, making it fresh and spotless.

5. Avance Oily Stain Remover Chimney Cleaner

Avance Oily Stain Remover Chimney Cleaner

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Avance oily stain remover cleaner is designed by the company, especially to target the tough stains of grease and oil on various kitchen appliances. The Avance Company cleaning products are well-known all over the country for effectively removing the oil stains.

Avance oil stain remover is sold at stores in 500 ML bottles and is properly sealed. The use of the product is simple and doesn’t harm the surface on which you are using it. The features of the cleaner made by the Avance Company are mentioned hereafter.


  • Cleaner is used by many for removing tough oil and dirt from various surfaces and kitchen appliances.
  • The composition of the cleanser is safe on the hands of the user.
  • It not only cleans the surface or chimney of the oil stains and grease but also makes it smooth and shiny.
  • The use of the cleaner for cleaning the oil stains is easy. Remove the filter and spray the solution on the surface that is oily and dirty. Leave it for some time and wipe it clean
  • Concentration of the cleaner is designed in the manner by the company to remove even light vegetable non-burnt oil stains to tough and burnt – stains.

6. Faber Chimney Hood Cleaner

Faber Chimney Hood Cleaner

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Faber is a well-known company in the world for its products. The company makes best in class kitchen chimneys that are widely used in India. It wouldn’t be wrong to call Faber as a favorite kitchen chimney brand in India. The company has strongly understood the need for maintaining the product for long-life and hence has introduced Faber chimney hood cleaner.

This cleaner can be bought at online stores. The features of the cleaner that all customers should know before purchasing are shared in the next paragraph.


  • Faber cleaner is sold in the combo of two packets, more quantity less money
  • It is easy to use the cleaner; all you need to do is spray on the surface and wipe it clean with a dry cloth.

The company specifically designs · cleaner for removing oil stains from the chimney and its hood.

  • Composition of the cleaner has anti-bacterial properties, which is vital for disinfecting the kitchen chimney
  • Cleaner by Faber for cleaning the chimney is Nonionic formulation, polymer formulation, and water-soluble.

7. Stanfresh Kitchen Master Cleaner

Stanfresh Kitchen Master Cleaner

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The last chimney cleaner that we will discuss today is from Stanfresh. This cleaner is a uniquely designed product with multiple uses. The cleaner can be used on various kitchen surfaces and appliances including Kitchen chimney. The cleaner is foam based rather than liquid-based like the other cleaners mentioned in the article.

The significant features of the Stanfresh kitchen cleaner that you need to consider are listed hereafter.


  • Foam based solution of the cleaner can be used on multiple surfaces like a chimney, hood, and filters for easy cleaning
  • Cleaner makes sticky surfaces of the chimney shine in no time
  • It creates a protective layer on the chimney that prevents dust.
  • Cleaner is made of such composition which kills bacteria up to 99 percent
  • Can of the cleaner is uniquely designed – it can be used in the 360-degree position

Bottom line:

As mentioned previously, chimney cleaners are necessary for maintaining the efficiency of the appliance. In this article, we have discussed the seven best chimney cleaner solutions and spray by well-known brands in India. These cleaners have different composition and features. Some of them are eco-friendly, while others are heavy-duty. Read the points mentioned in the article and pick a chimney cleaner that suits you and your kitchen.

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