Top 6 Best Filterless Chimney in India 2022-Experts Recommends

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Looking to buy the “Best Filterless chimney in India?  There are varieties of chimneys available in the market, but filterless chimneys are among the most popular ones. 

Indian cooking involves cooking with fries, oils, and masalas in order to add flavor to the dish. But over time the smell, gas, and oil get stuck with the walls. But the filterless chimneys absorb the particles from the air and keep the kitchen clean. They are also available in different colors and designs. 

As the name suggests, the filterless chimney comes with no filters. So, you don’t need to spend a lot of time cleaning its dirty filter. As it passes oil in another oil collector, you just need to clean that oil container. As it separates oil in an oil collector from the smoke. As smoke and grease accumulation don’t get stuck with the motor, so the motor functions well.

The demand for filterless chimneys is rapidly growing. We Indians love eating oily and spicy food, but it does take a toll on the cleanliness of our chimneys. But the filterless chimneys come with the auto clean technology that helps to keep it tidy and clean. Apart from that, it also provides a noise-free operation in the kitchen. 

Top 6 Best Filterless chimney in India of 2022

The filterless chimneys are no doubt in high demand. It keeps the kitchen tidy and clean without any hassle for cleaning filters frequently. The market is flooded with various models and designed kitchen chimneys. 

For that reason we needed to test more than 100 filterless chimneys to choose the best one. It cost us more than three months. We have also talked with the brand executives and some experts in order to understand their analogies. Not only that we ran a survey on 5000 regular filterless chimney owners to grab their inputs as well. 

So it’s understandable that the products are brought to you after so much research and dedication towards it. We have prioritized price, function, and auction power, warranty to make the list of best filterless chimney in India below:

1. Faber 60 cm Curved Glass Filterless Chimney

Faber 60 cm Curved Glass Filterless Chimney

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Key features:

  • Auto Clean technology
  • Gesture motion control
  • 1200 m3/hr suction power
  • Filterless technology
  • Easy touch panel

Faber is another famous brand in the world of kitchen appliances. Just like other kitchen chimneys, this chimney also features advanced features with an elegant design and look. One thing that inspires me most about this kitchen chimney is its user response. 

If you are looking for a kitchen chimney for your 3 burner stove gas, then it can be an ideal option for you. 1200 m3/ hr capacity is best to remove all the dust particles from the kitchen. Since it is featured with auto clean technology, it provides the best suction capability. 

Faber 60 cm 1200 m³/hr kitchen chimney comes with auto-clean technology. It separates oil from smoke and keeps the kitchen smoke-free. It keeps the oil in the oil collector. So, in the kitchen, you need only clean its oil collector. 

Both touch panel and motion sensor provide you easy access to the chimney. Just wave your hand in front of the chimney. By doing so, you can also regulate its speed. 

The best thing about this chimney is it’s a 1-year product warranty and 5 years long motor warranty. The matte black finish with a seamless design sparkles the corner of your kitchen. 


  • Awesome design.
  • Enable both motion and touch access
  • The operation is pretty silent. 
  • No need for manual cleaning. 


  • Price is a bit costly.

Editor’s note: The Faber 60 cm 1200 m³/hr kitchen chimney comes with all the exclusive features. But it costs a bit more than others on the list. So, you need to have enough budget for buying it.  

2. Kutchina 60cm Filterless Wall Mounted Chimney

Kutchina 60cm Filterless Wall Mounted Chimney

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Key Features:

  • 3rd generation one-touch thermal protection
  • Auto Clean technology
  • Motion sensor
  • 3-speed touch control
  • 1200 m3/hr suction power

Kutchina is another star in the world of kitchen appliances. Their product ranges from purifiers, chimneys, dishwashers, etc. The size of the Kutchina Vega Autoclean Chimney is 60cm. The suction capability is 1200m3/hr. It makes the chimney ideal for moderate frying and grilling. 

The unique touch control panel no doubt adds sparkle to your kitchen. Apart from that, you can easily access it during cooking. The third-generation auto-cleaning technology lets you clean the chimney when you need it. The heating elements of this chimney dispose of the oil particles from inside of the chimney. 

Now, you should forget about cooking without adequate light. It features two LED lamps that can be used at your convenience. The displacement airflow rating of this chimney is 1200m3/ hr. It quickly eliminates the cooking smoke and oil particles from the air. 

The motion-sensing technology can be used by simply waving your hand. Just wave your hand on the right side to turn it on. Keep waving on the right side to speed up the motor and wave on the right side to decrease the speed. 

The amazing filter-less technology allows the motor to work evenly. The metal blowing system is made of high-quality stainless steel. It ensures the proper elimination of smoke and odors. 


  • Design is attractive.
  • Efficient suction level
  • Affordable price


  • No installation support in the package.

Editor’s note: A chimney is an excellent option for Indian cooking. Easy to clean and don’t make much noise when in use. It also consumes low electricity and gives you savings on a monthly electric bill. Apart from that, it doesn’t need repairing and cleaning. 

3. GLEN 60 cm Filterless Kitchen Chimney

GLEN 60 cm Filterless Kitchen Chimney

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Key Features

  • Touch sensor control
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Flame retardant material
  • Environmental friendly
  • Curved glass design

Safety measurement should be one of the most important things to consider when buying any kitchen appliance. This model from the house of GLEN is made with all the safety aspects in mind. 

It uses a 100% copper motor that provides thermal overload protection. The suction ability of this chimney is 1050 m3/ her. This suction capability is enough for any medium-sized kitchen. Sexually, it works well when you want to fry or grill anything. 

It doesn’t make noise in the kitchen even after having a powerful motor inside of it. Since it uses no filter, the cleaning cost is zero. 

The smart motion sensing technology makes operation easy with the waves of your hand. The touch panel contains three different buttons with different speeds. You can choose a convenient speed from these three different speed options. 

It comes with a stainless steel oil collector that separates oil from the smoke. It illuminates the hob area perfectly. That provides you with a convenient cooking experience. The design of this chimney suits the authenticity of a modular kitchen. 


  • You can fit it in any medium-sized kitchen.
  • The chimney cover more than two two, four-burner stove 
  • 5 years of warranty for the motor. 


  • Duct pipe is not included with the chimney. 

Editor’s note: All the features of this kitchen chimney are quite impressive. With proper maintenance, you can use it for many years. If you have a moderate budget and want the best-class chimney for your kitchen, you can go for it.

4. Elica 60 cm Filterless Auto Clean Chimney

Elica 60 cm Filterless Auto Clean Chimney

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Key features:

  • Motion control system
  • Easy touch panel
  • Heat auto clean technology
  • Striking design
  • Maximum suction level

Elica is an Italian brand. They provide the best products with various functions. We have chosen this chimney for some of its exclusive features. 

The 60cm size has made it best for 1 or 2 burner stoves. The powerful motor of this kitchen chimney is 1200 m3/hr suction. This is great on this pricing. The efficient motor can easily blow out all the oil, smoke, and unhealthy particles from the kitchen. 

Even the extreme build-up of oil and vapor doesn’t affect the motor function. The metal blower system is made of high-quality material that efficiently exhausts oil and dark from the kitchen. 

The auto-clean technology separates oil and smoke and collects oil on the oil depository. That makes it easy to clean the oil collector. 

The Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr enables motion control and touch control both for operating. You can easily operate it with a simple wave of your hand. Wave your hand towards the right side to make the chimney motor working. For speedy operation, keep waving on the right side. 

The chimney has a powerful motor. Still, it provides low noise during cooking. You can enjoy silent operation when cooking. The trendy touch panel makes the design classy. The exclusive LED lamp will be a saucer for you when you have an issue with light. 


  • Suction capability is great.
  • Works well in the large kitchen. 
  • Manual cleaning is not required.
  • Ño needs to touch it manually when cooking. 


  • Manufacturers don’t provide installation kits with the package.

Editor’s note: Most people recommend it for its exclusive features at an affordable budget. The long warranty provides you no hassle for fixing it. Since the chimney enables us to clean, you don’t need to pay for the labor of cleaning it. All of these specs have made it one of the best on the list. 

5. KAFF STELLA DHC 90cm Filterless Chimney

KAFF STELLA DHC 90cm Filterless Chimney

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Key features:

  • Multidimensional extraction
  • Curved tempered glass
  • Clock display featured
  • Stainless steel oil collector
  • Stainless steel body

You will surely fall in love with this chimney for its stunning look and design. This wall-mounted model can cover 3 to 5 burners easily with its 90CM width. 

This product comes with 7 years of warranty for the motor and 2 years warranty for the product. So, you don’t need to worry about its durability for a long time. 

Since this is an auto-clean chimney, you don’t need to clean it manually. You can ask your manufacturer about the frequency of cleaning this chimney. Regular cleaning keeps the chimney working actively without any hassle. 

With its advanced feature, it separates oil from smoke and keeps the kitchen smoke-free. Thermostatic touch panel lets you operate the chimney easily. 

The price is a bit high on this chimney. But you will get quality features with this kitchen chimney. The stainless steel collector collects oil from the machine and keeps the operation smooth. You just need to clean the stainless steel oil collector. 

The noise level of this kitchen chimney is 62 DBA. That makes it noise-free during operation. This is one of the great features of buying this chimney. 


  • Low noise level
  • Stainless Steel oil collector
  • Thermostatic touch panel
  • Material and design are good.


  • Suction capacity is low but efficient

Editor’s note: This kitchen chimney is perfect for a large-sized kitchen. It comes with all the features that make it the best in one list. If you have a 3 burner gas stove, you can buy this kitchen chimney. 

6. Faber 60 cm Filterless Curved glass Kitchen Chimney

Faber 60 cm Filterless Curved glass Kitchen Chimney

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Key Features:

  • Heat auto clean technology
  • Push-button operation
  • Featured with metal blower
  • Black tempered glass
  • Two different speed control

Most probably you have already chosen a kitchen chimney. But if you are not sure about the product or have a low budget, then you will be this one. Let’s see its core features:

Let’s first welcome its auto-clean technology. You can now clean your chimney with one finger touch. However, the credit goes to its oil collector cup. It separates smoke and pup and collects only oil. You just need to clean this cup frequently. 

The suction capacity of this chimney is a great combination with its affordable price. The auction capacity of this chimney is 1100 m3/ hr. This belongs to the ideal range of suction that is commonly used in Indian Kitchen. 

It comes with push-button control. It allows you to choose a speed from its three different speeds. It has another separate button for light. So, you will never run off light in your kitchen. 

The efficient motor suction makes your foods and the kitchen environment healthy by removing the smoke and oil particles from the air. You will get a healthy airflow through your kitchen all the time.


  • Suction capacity is great.
  • Good for medium medium-sized hen
  • Affordable price


  • No motion sensor

Editor’s note: You will love this kitchen chimney for its amazing work and advanced technology of working. It not only provides you best features, but also it features a lightweight body with attaining active design. This model makes less noise. 

So, you can speed up your cooking with melodious doing rather than the robotic sound of the motor. 

Why Buy a Filterless Chimney

In the filterless chimney, the oil collector collects oil from the smoke and stores it. The cleaning process also takes about 10-15 minutes when the auto clean button is pressed. 

The normal chimneys catch the smoke and grease from the air. Gradual build-up of smoke and grease may reduce the suction power. But the filterless chimney doesn’t have any filter, so there is no chance of decreased suction capability. 

The motor of the filtered one is strategically placed to eliminate the smoke and oil from its worth. 

But even the best filterless chimneys in India are not ideal for going with high oil and spice usage. As it doesn’t have a filter and works by absorbing oils and smokes from the sir. In that case, too much oil and spicy smoke make the motor function hard. 

This advanced auto clean technology has taken place in this model, the cleaning and maintenance are effortless. This is the reason why most people go for filterless chimneys.  


Q: Which chimney is best with filter or filterless?

The filterless chimneys come with some advanced options like the auto-clean feature. Filters are absent in this type of chimney, so you will not have a problem cleaning it. Apart from that the consumable cost and maintenance cost is zero in this type of chimney. The filterless chimneys are an ideal option for the Indian kitchen. 

Q: Which filterless chimney is best in India?

If you are looking for a 60 cm filterless chimney, then the Faber 60 cm 1200 m³/hr Curved Glass will be best as per our view. Because it comes with all the features at an affordable cost. If you are looking for the best 90 I’m filterless chimney, then Elica 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Filterless Auto Clean Chimney will be the best as per our view. 

Q: Is filterless chimney good for Indian cooking?

The filterless kitchen chimney doesn’t have a filter. So, these pieces are easily washable and maintenance cost is also low in this type of kitchen chimney. The filterless technology also has better suction capabilities. 

So, it can be said that the filter chimneys are a good option for Indian kitchens. 


Final Words

Research says that long exposure to cooking fumes creates coughs, asthma, dyspnea, etc. The exhaust fan is a traditional method to work on the kitchen fumes, but the large gap between gas and fan may not be ideal. 

In that case, the best filterless chimneys in India can be handy. As they help to keep the kitchen neat and clean and require very less maintenance. 

We have given every information that you need to have before buying a filterless chimney. Hope you have already selected one out of them. 

So, why late? Go and buy online any one of these best filterless chimney in India. Best of luck with your good purchase.