Best Ductless Kitchen Chimneys in India 2022

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If you are looking for the best ductless kitchen chimneys then you will be overwhelmed to find out that there are a variety of models, sizes, shapes of different brands available in the market. In this modern age, we all want the best out of everything.  

According to professionals, ductless chimneys are the best-suited option for today’s kitchen. It has powerful exhaust fans instead of ducts or pipes to filter the air. 

Ductless kitchen chimneys are ideal for small kitchens as no extra complication of ducts. It serves your purpose of a clean and healthy kitchen and also provides a sophisticated look to your kitchen.  With the rise of the concept of modular and semi-modular kitchens, the demand for chimneys has increased progressively.  

While choosing the best ductless kitchen chimney in India you need to keep in mind which suits you the best. Ductless chimneys are cheaper and are much easier to install. Noise is much less in the ductless chimneys which provide peaceful cooking. The suction power is more. 

These chimneys are apt for small kitchens where you have less space or no space for ducts and pipelines.



We have tried a lot of options available in the market and then came to a conclusion with these six best ductless kitchen chimneys in India for you. The selection process was not easy to be honest. We reviewed more than 50 ductless chimneys from various top level brands for more than 30 days. 

Not only that, we also talked with actual users of ductless chimneys across the country to understand their view points. In short, you can trust this list if you’re looking for one for your own kitchen. 


1. Elica Deep Silent Ductless Kitchen Chimney

Elica Deep Silent Ductless Kitchen Chimney

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Key Features

  • 3D filters.
  • Runs on EDS3 technology.
  • Comes with a deep silence mechanism.
  • Stainless steel
  • Warranty of 1 year on the motor and 12 year warranty on motor
  • Touch control
  • LED lamps
  • Free installation kit


Elica – SPOT H4 with EDS3 Technology is the first on our list, it is one of the best models that we have discovered. The chimney comes with a tornadic suction of 60cm silent chimney with an airflow capacity of 1010 cubic meter per hour which is quietest yet powerful.

This chimney is the future of a quiet kitchen. We know kitchen chimneys create a lot of noise but breaking all the stereotypes Elica- SPOT H4 comes with the EDS3 technology which offers considerable noise reduction without fail. 3D filters installed in the chimney provide maximum suction from all slides in 360 degrees, is easier to clean and has a longer life due to its stainless steel body. 

One of the advantages of this product is it has 1 year warranty on the product and 12 years of warranty on the motor which allows a long term service from the product. It comes with a free installation kit cutting extra charges required for its installation.

Considering the look of the chimney. It has all the qualities to give your kitchen a different look. From trendy touch control to smooth black finish it has all the latest features. The product comes with two led lights which provides high efficiency while cooking, no extra lights are required. The product is a good value for money.



  • Elegant design
  • Touch control panels – no worries for messy buttons
  • Good LED lamps
  • Available in 60 cm and 90 cm
  • One of the best noise control
  • 1 year warranty on the product and 12 years warranty on the motor.


  • Auto clean technology is not available
  • You have to pay separately for installation

Editor’s tips: Elica – SPOT H4 with EDS3 Technology has one of the most powerful tornadic suctions and also promises low noise while cooking. To add beauty and a classy look to your kitchen without compromising in quality of service at an average cost, Elica SPOT H4 should be your preference.


2. Elica Glace 60cm Ductless Chimney

Elica Glace 60cm Ductless Chimney

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Key Features

  • EDS3 Technology
  • 3D baffle filter
  • Tornadic suction
  • LED lamps
  • Motion sensors
  • Touch controls
  • Heat auto clean technology

Next in our list we have another model of Elica, Elica- Glace. With a strong suction motor, this chimney has a maximum airflow capacity of 1010 cubic meter/hour. The tornadic suction gives comparatively low noise with powerful cleaning. 

This model has the highest suction capacity among all the Elica kitchen chimneys. Once installed properly, the chimney can bear anything that comes towards it. 3D baffle filters provide easy cleaning, the product carries two easy to clean baffle filters in it. 

The EDS3 technology helps to give a quiet environment in the kitchen as noise production is lesser than the other chimneys.

Heat auto clean technology enables the chimney to clean its vent automatically, maximum Indian dishes are made using oil. The suction in the chimney is left with greasy deposit inside the vent, the heat auto clean is an internal heating mechanism which helps to melt the internal oil and that oil gets collected in the oil collectors of the chimney.

Motion sensors are present in the chimney, using it you can turn on and off the chimney without even touching it, speed can also be controlled with simply waving your hand. 

Talking about appearance. The black colour of the chimney with its classy look enhances the beauty of your kitchen giving it an elegant look. This chimney also comes with a touch control which is trendy nowadays and is much less messy and modern. 

It has two powerful LED lamps which help to get better visibility while cooking.



  • EDS3 technology which reduces the noise
  • Auto clean technology
  • Excellent Motion sensor controls
  • Free installation kit
  • Touch control
  • Tornadic function
  • 3D filters cover a large area and the 360-degree suction ensures maximum suction.
  • Low maintenance


  • Auto clean technology is not available
  • You have to pay separately or installation


Editor’s tips: Go for this chimney if you find cooking relaxing. Although there is a downside, the lack of auto clean still Elica Glace deep silent chimney is an excellent choice for someone who wants a quiet chimney.

3. KAFF 90cm Auto Clean Ductless Chimney

KAFF 90cm Auto Clean Ductless Chimney

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Key features:

  • Size – 90 cm
  • Suction capacity- 1200 cubic meter per hour 
  • Auto-cleaning technology 
  • Two Baffle filters
  • Touch  control
  • Stainless steel oil collector

KAFF Lumex DHC comes with an maximum airflow of 1200 cubic meter per hour, ensuring immediate pull in of the oil particles and odour into the hood. As the size of the product is 90 cm, easily 3 to 5 burner stove will be covered. 

The product is not at all suitable for small kitchens as it is designed with high airflow so loud noise of this product is difficult to bear with. 

Oil collectors are made of stainless steel that has to be cleaned at least every 6 months to remove all the accumulated grease and oil.

The product comes with 2 heavy duty baffle filters auto clean technology, assuring less maintenance of the chimney. All these help to keep your kitchen in perfect condition with less effort.

Speed control is given in the chimney, there are three levels of speed so that you can adjust the suction level as per your requirement. Speaking of looks. KAFF Lumex DHC one of the most stylish models available with a steel finish, black glass display and frosted LED lights this model has all the capacity to give your kitchen a different look.


  • It has 1200 cubic meter per hour suction capacity
  • Auto clean technology is present with heavy duty baffle filters.
  • Charcoal filters are available 
  • Best for kitchens with size more than 200 square feet.
  • Trendy touch control is available 
  • 1 years warranty on product and 7 years warranty on motor


  • Noise level is very high
  • Charcoal filter in not available 


Editor’s tips: This is a high end chimney, if you are someone who does a lot of cooking and needs a heavy power chimney then KAFF Lumex DHC 90 should be your choice. It is stylish, functional and easy to maintain, one of the finest among the KAFF chimneys.

4. Glen 60cm Baffle Filter Ductless Chimney 

Glen 60cm Baffle Filter Ductless Chimney 

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Key Features:

  • Size- 60 cm
  • 750 cubic meter per hour suction capacity 
  • Italian motor with thermal Overload protector
  • Stainless steel

We have Glen’s another model in our list, Glen 6002. A suction power of 750 cubic meter per hour is present in the product so that it can easily suck in all the dirt and oil. Baffle  filters are truly a blessing to these chimneys providing easy cleaning and good maintenance.

Safety is always a key factor, so here comes the Glen 6002 with Italian motor. The specialty of this motor is that it comes with a thermal overload protector which automatically switches off once the motor heats excessively. 

Built with Flame Retardant Plastic and copper the wire and the frp housing are safest and have smooth movement. The Italian motor also gives good power that helps to remove all traces of fumes or grime successfully.

Considering the suction capacity this chimney is better for small kitchens.  2 to 3 burners can easily be taken care of as the chimney is 60 cm. It has a very affordable price and also design is quite straightforward which brings simplicity and elegance to your kitchen. 

A  push control facility is available  with energy efficient LED lights to illuminate the hob area and ease the cooking. This chimney can be clean and well maintained easily, there is a unique feature in the chimney preventing the metal areas from rusting while cleaning. 

The universal silver colour of the chimney keeps dirt and grime invisible, making the chimney more useful and reliable for use.


  • Italian motor with thermal Overload 
  • Stainless steel baffle filters
  • Very cheap
  • Silver in colour


  • Suction capacity is low
  • Auto-clean technology is not available 
  • Installation is hectic, requires extra changes 
  • Installation kit is not included 
  • Quality of the bulb is not up to the mark

Editor’s Tips: Glen 6002 Straight Line Chimney is both pocket friendly and long lasting. The Italian motor ensures that the product is not damaged due to any internal factor, making the product long lasting. If you have a tight budget then this chimney will offer you great, long lasting service at a low cost.

5. Faber Hood Ductless Kitchen Chimney 

Faber Hood Ductless Kitchen Chimney 

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Key Features:

  • 60 cm Wall Mount Chimney
  • 1185 cubic meter per hour Suction Capacity
  • Baffle Filter
  • 12 Months Warrant
  • Touch control 

Last product in our list is Faber Hood TOPAZ 3D chimney. Size of the chimney can hold upto 3 burners easily and work efficiently as it has a high power suction capacity of 1185 cubic meters per hour which can effectively work in the kitchen area of 200 square feet.  The noise level of the chimney is a thing to worry as it is 48 db.

Stainless baffle filters add another reason to like this product, Stainless steel allows an easy cleaning to the filters. Auto clean technology is not available in this model still baffle filters make it easy to maintain. 

Faber Hood TOPAZ comes with a 12 months after service warranty and 12 years warranty on the motor. Alongside the functionality it gives a tough battle in looks. Black and stainless steel, with touch control and LED lights gives a classy look to the chimney.


  • Good suction capacity 
  • Baffle filters 
  • 1 year warranty on product and 12 year warranty on motor
  • Touch control 


  • Installation charges are separate 
  • Installation kit is not included

Editor’s tip: Ideal for a medium sized kitchen, Faber Hood TOPAZ adds beauty to the kitchen and functions at low cost. 


On current date a huge variety of kitchen chimneys are available in the market, then why will one buy ductless chimneys? Here is the answer.

  • Firstly ductless chimneys give less heckle in terms of installation, it is easier to install and can be installed anywhere. Flexibility is the key feature of ductless kitchen chimneys as it can be installed in small kitchens with less space. 
  • These chimneys seamlessly filter smoke, air, odor and other particles  and release the air back into the kitchen surface. Charcoal filters along with the baffle filters used in ductless chimneys are easy to clean. Suction capacity of the ductless chimney is higher which allows a huge filtration of the air in the kitchen. 
  • EDS feature is also available in the ductless kitchen chimneys which is specially designed to lessen the noise produced in the kitchen chimneys. Ductless kitchen chimneys come with a huge price range, they have chimneys at all ranges allowing consumers to choose accordingly. 

Difference between Ductless and ducted chimney

Working Mechanism

Ductless chimneys are the simple chimneys working on the mechanism of filtering the surface air and again releasing it back in the kitchen where as ducted chimneys have complex structure, the presence of duct helps the chimney to wipe out the air out of the kitchen unlike ductless kitchen chimneys. 


Kitchen chimneys occupy quite some place in the kitchen above the burner or stove. Ductless chimneys need no extra space other than a non complicated setup which is easy to clean and maintain. 

At the same time, ducted kitchen chimneys have extra complications with them, the ducts. These ducts occupy a large space. The situation is worse when you have very less space in your kitchen. 

Pricing and Installation

Affordability is one of the factors. There is not much difference in prices, both the variants are available in good price ranges. When it comes to installation, ductless chimneys are easy to install and are lesser in cost whereas separate installation kits are needed for installing ducted chimneys.


Performance wise ductless kitchen chimneys are mostly suitable for medium to small kitchens as medium to heavy performance is determined from them. Whereas in kitchen chimneys with ducts and pipes the performance determined is always heavy duty which is suitable for small as well large kitchens.


Due to the sophisticated motors and exhausts in the ductless kitchen chimneys they need high maintenance but in comparison in ducted kitchen chimneys maintenance is low.  


Stereotypically kitchen  chimneys produce a huge amount of noise but considering that kitchen chimneys can’t be completely silent ductless kitchen chimneys produce less  noise than ducted kitchen chimneys.

Heat Elimination Factor

If you stay near the coastal areas or a place where temperature is always high then ductless chimneys are not advised as in ductless chimneys heat remains the kitchen surface, the chimney is not able to remove the heat. 

On other hand in kitchen chimneys with ducts is successful to remove smoke, dirt, heat, odour from the kitchen surface.

Cost / PricesHuge price range with affordable prices.Ducted chimneys are quite expensive.
Performance Provides medium to heavy performance.Provides heavy duty performance.
Installation Easy to install.Laborious to install.
Maintenance Needs high maintenance. Low maintenance is required.
Suction powerHas high suction capacity.Has maximum air suction capacity.
Noise Noise is less.Noise is comparatively more.
Heat elimination Can’t remove heatCan remove heat



1] Which chimney is the best: ductless or ducted?

Both the chimney variants are best in its way. If you cook more often and want a powerful air wipe out then ducted kitchen chimneys would be best for you. On other hand if you have less space and have moderate cooking then go for the ductless chimneys.

2] Which is the best  ductless chimney in India?

After all the research and considering all the reports we have come to a conclusion that the KAFF Lumex DHC 90 AFF chimney is the best ductless chimney in the lot. It has great suction capacity, along with motion sensor and touch control. If not that all, it is so slick looking, to change the whole look of your kitchen.

3] A ductless kitchen chimney is ideal for which type of kitchen?

A ductless kitchen chimney is best for small kitchen spaces. With less complication in installation and no extra baggage of pipes and ducts it occupies less space. As noise production is less in ductless chimneys therefore it can be easily used in small kitchens.



Apparently you should have a brief idea by now which is the best ductless kitchen chimney in India available in the market. There is a suggestion, make sure you purchase a kitchen chimney which suits your kitchen the best. 

Often this part is overlooked, before making a purchase you should be clear enough about the size of the kitchen, how much time the chimney will be used. It is always beneficial when you know what specification you want.

If you have gone through the whole article then I believe you will choose the right and best ductless chimney for your kitchen.