Latest 10 Best Kitchen Chimneys In India | Top Picks (2022)

List of Best Kitchen Chimneys in India 2022

Searching for the best kitchen chimneys in India?

A kitchen chimney is a mechanical exhaust device used in kitchens to remove cooking smoke, heat and grease from the air. Kitchen chimneys are often central to Indian cooking, where gas burners and ovens are typically used for baking and other forms of heating food. A good kitchen chimney can make your life much easier by keeping the area free of fumes, excess heat and dirty dishes.

There are many different brands of kitchen chimneys available in India today, each with its own set of features and advantages. So how do we choose which one is best and right for you? In this expert review, we will take a look at some of the best kitchen Chimneys currently available in India so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for your needs.

S. NoBest Kitchen ChimneySuction PowerNoise LevelWeight WarrantyPrice
1.Elica 60cm Auto Clean Chimney1200 m3/hr5814 kg 1+5 YearsCheck on Amazon
2.Hindware 60cm Auto Clean Chimney1200 m3/hr5814 kg1+5 YearsCheck on Amazon
3.Eurodomo 90cm Auto Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney1200 m3/hr5812kg1+5 YearsCheck on Amazon
4.Elica 60cm Electric Kitchen Chimney1100 m3/hr5810kg1+5 YearsCheck on Amazon
5.Hindware 60cm Baffle Filter Chimney1100 m3/hr5810kg1+5 YearsCheck on Amazon
6.Faber 90cm Heat Auto Clean Chimney1200 m3/hr5818kg1+5 YearsCheck on Amazon
7.Eurodromo 60cm Auto Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney1200 m3/hr5810kg1+5 YearsCheck on Amazon
8.Inalsa 60cm Pyramid Chimney1150 m3/hr656kg2+7 YearsCheck on Amazon
9.Faber 60cm Kitchen Chimney1000 m3/hr6212kg1+12 YearsCheck on Amazon
10.Sunflame 60cm Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney1100 m3/hr5829kg1+5 YearsCheck on Amazon

Top 3 Best Budget Chimney in India 2022

Best ChoicePremium ChoiceValue for Money

Faber 60 cm 1200 m³/hr Auto-Clean curved glass Kitchen Chimney

Faber 60 cm 1350 m3/hr Auto Clean Angular ChimneyElica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney
Elica Kitchen ChimneyFaber ChimneyFaber Kitchen Chimney

Why we selected it

  1. Auto Clean Technology
  2. Touch Control Panel
  3. Excellent Ratings
  4. 1+5 Years Warranty
  5. Filterless Technology

Why we selected it

  1. Filterless Technology
  2. Touch Control Panel
  3. Excellent Ratings
  4. 1+5 Years Warranty
  5. Auto Clean Technology

Why we selected it

  1. Auto Clean Technology
  2. Touch Control Panel
  3. 1+5 Years Warranty
  4. SS Baffle Filter for Smoke free Cooking
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Best Kitchen Chimneys in India – Reviews

We picked these top ten Best Kitchen Chimneys depending on several important factors like Kitchen Chimney Size, type, Chimney Filter quality, suction capacity, etc., which are necessary aspects of a kitchen chimney. We have also based our research on the specific needs of every Indian Kitchen. 

Here are the unbiased expert reviews of Best Kitchen Chimneys in India.


1. Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

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Are you looking for a high-quality and reliable kitchen chimney? If so, the Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney WD HAC TOUCH BF 60 could be the perfect option for you. This fantastic appliance has been designed to provide homeowners with quality performance and easy use, making it perfect for busy families.

The Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney WD HAC TOUCH BF 60 is made from premium materials that have been chosen for their quality and durability. The body is crafted from stainless steel that won’t rust or corrode over time, while the touch control panel ensures easy operation. What’s more, this model also comes with two baffle filters which can be easily cleaned – meaning less maintenance work for you!

Thanks to its powerful motor, this chimney can handle up to 1200 cubic metres of air per hour – making it ideal even for larger kitchens. It’s also equipped with an auto-clean function which takes care of all the dirty work quickly and easily – leaving your chimney beautifully clean without any effort on your part! Plus, at only 60cm wide this unit will fit into even cramped spaces without taking up too much room.


  • The easy to clean and maintain baffle filters enhance its utility by removing all the kitchen’s unhealthy smoke, oil, and grease.
  • It’s provided with a separate oil collector that collects the oil and other residues and further eases the cleaning procedure.
  • Its stainless steel design keeps it rust-free and aids in hassle-free cleaning while enhancing its durability.
  • The 60 cm size fits 2-4 burner stoves, while the 90 cm size is suitable for 3-5 burner stoves.
  • Its suction capacity of 1200 m3/hr is great for a kitchen size greater than 200 sqft and for cooking that involves heaving, frying, and grilling.


  • Easy to use and maintain
  • The auto-clean technology is very efficient
  • LED lights are very powerful and effective
  • Very useful and highly efficient motion sensors
  • Baffle filters are very easy to remove and clean
  • Great suction power


  • A bit noisy but bearable
  • Auto-clean doesn’t clean the baffle filters
  • Installation service is a little problematic

Editor’s Tip: It’s a good product that provides great features at an affordable price. If you are ready to clean the baffle filters, tolerate the noise, and bear with the installation service, then you should go for this chimney.  

2. Hindware 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney – Nevio 60

Hindware 60cm 1200 m3hr Auto Clean Chimney

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Hindware is another popular brand that you will find in the India kitchen market. The advantage of choosing this chimney is that you can choose the size of the chimney. Yes, this is available in a 60 cm size and 90 cm size. 

The chimney has an automatic cleaning function that makes it easy to keep the unit clean. It also features 1 baffle filter to catch grease and other debris. The steel construction ensures durability, while the grey finish gives it a sleek look.

The Nevio 60 is a high-quality and stylish auto clean chimney that comes with a baffle filter to ensure efficient filtration of smoke and fumes. The automatic cleaning feature keeps the chimney spick and span, while the sleek design makes it an attractive addition to your kitchen decor.

This Hindware auto clean chimney has a powerful 1200 m3/hr motor that can easily handle even big kitchens. It also features noise reduction technology for quieter operations. The Nevio 60 is easy to install and operate, and its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance.

This chimney is specially designed to extract fumes and smoke from the kitchen area. With the help of an automatic cleaning system, it can clean the entire unit quickly and easily without any manual intervention. The high suction capacity ensures that your kitchen remains free from all kinds of unwanted odors and pollutants.


  • The dimensions of the chimney are 52 cm x 50 cm x 60 cm. This represents the length of the chimney, breadth of the chimney and height of the duct.
  • The brand offers a 1 year warranty on the chimney and 5 years warranty on the motor.
  • You also get an auto clean feature with this chimney which makes cleaning really easy.
  • The chimney is available in 2 sizes; 60 cm & 90 cm.
  • The baffle filters use panels to separate grease and spice and are fine with half-yearly cleaning


  • Great suction power that easily clears the sticky oil, odor, and smoke from the kitchen
  • The 3 step-speed control is effective for cooking different meals
  • The heavyweight copper motor enhances its performance
  • It comes with a protective cover 
  • Thermal auto-clean is quite effective


  • Installation costs a little extra
  • The plastic oil collector isn’t sturdy enough
  • The top glass needs special care
  • A little noisy
  • LED lights aren’t that powerful

Editor’s Tip: The chimney is quite efficient in its performance, with user-friendly features offered within an affordable range. The only problem with the product is that it isn’t sturdy enough and you need to take special care to maintain it. If you are ready to do that and the noise and low-powered LED lights don’t bother you, then this one is good to go.

3. Eurodomo 90 cm 1200 m3/h Auto-Clean Chimney – Hood Classy HC BK 90

Eurodomo 90 cm 1200 m3

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Housekeeping is one of the crucial aspects of a healthy and organized home. Lack of maintenance or improper cleaning can lead to the accumulation of dirt, dust, and various types of allergens which would eventually affect your family’s health. One solution to this dilemma is by installing an auto clean filterless chimney in your kitchen.

Are you looking for a chimney that offers you better coverage? Eurodomo 90 cm 1200 m³/hr Autoclean Filterless Chimney with Touch & Motion Sensor promises just that – a worry-free housekeeping experience for you and your loved ones as it auto cleans itself! 

The hood comes in black color with touch motion sensor controls on top. It fits cooker hoods between 60cm – and 90 cm wide. This high quality stainless steel telescopic chimney Hood from Eurodomo features an automatic Cleaning system activated by the touch control panel.

A blue indicator light shows when the Hood is switched on. The Hood also has noise reduction technology built in so you don’t have to worry about waking up the baby or disturbing anyone while cooking dinner late at night. Its Dimensions are LxWxH 89 x 59 x 20 centimetres.


  • The warranty offered by the brand on this chimney is 1 year however, there is a 5 year warranty applicable on the product.
  • You get touch controls for controlling the chimney and this is coupled with a screen as well
  • The size is enough for a stove with 3 to 5 burners. In addition to this, the chimney has a suction power of 1200 m3/h
  • The chimney has low noise levels of 58 dB only.


  • Powerful suction capacity
  • The feather-touch control panel is very efficient 
  • Sturdy toughened glass doesn’t break easily
  • Produces minimum sound, almost like a silent operation
  • Great installation service
  • Great value for money


  • Cleaning the baffle filters are a little difficult
  • The oil collector tray isn’t quite effective
  • Weak LED light

Editor’s Tip: This user-friendly product offers some great features at a very reasonable price. Plus, its noise production is the lowest in several other products. Cleaning and the LED light seem to be the only problems with this chimney. So, if you are ready to replace the lights and clean the device that silently keeps your kitchen fresh and clean, then you should go for it.

4. Elica 60 cm 1100 m3/hr Chimney – ESCG BF 60 NERO

Elica 60 cm 1100 m3

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The Elica 60 cm 1100 m3/HR Chimney is a high-quality product that has been designed to make your life easier. It comes with one baffle filter, which helps to remove grease and smoke from the air, making it safer and healthier for you and your family. The black design looks great in any kitchen, and the chimney is easy to install without requiring any special tools or knowledge.


This chimney has an impressive 1100 m3/hr extraction rate, so it can handle even the most strenuous cooking tasks. It’s also very quiet during operation, meaning you won’t be disturbed while you’re trying to prepare a meal. Plus, thanks to its energy-efficient design, this chimney won’t consume too much power – helping you save money on your electricity bills.


The suction power is good and you can use it with a stove of 2 to 4 burners. There are also 2 LED lamps integrated into the design. This product also features an automatic cutoff system that helps keep your home safe while the chimney is in use. Overall, this chimney is highly recommended and would make a great addition to any kitchen.


  • The size of this chimney is 60 cm and it has an air suction capacity of 1100 m3/h.
  • The chimney has 3 speed push buttons and a button to control the light as well. These buttons have a chrome finish.
  • You can choose between the two colours available in the chimney which are black and silver
  • The brand offers a warranty of 5 years on the motor and the chimney has an overall warranty of 1 year.


  • Powerful suction capacity
  • Produces very little noise
  • Easy to remove and clean components
  • Very effective control panel
  • Efficient LED lights
  • Neat finishing


  • A little high-maintenance
  • No oil collector drip
  • Installation service isn’t of top quality

Editor’s Tip: This one is a budget-friendly product with some great features and comparatively lower noise levels. It’s a perfect fit for small kitchens if you have other installation options and are ready to put in an extra effort for its maintenance.

5. Hindware 60cm 1100 m3/hr Chimney – Sabina SS 60

Hindware 60cm 1100 m3

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The Hindware 60cm 1100 m3/hr Chimney (Sabina SS 60, 1 Baffle Filter, Steel/Grey) is a high-quality chimney that can be used in both residential and commercial settings. The unit features an efficient baffle filter system that helps to remove grease and smoke from the exhaust gases, ensuring clean and fresh air circulation.


It also includes an automatic restart function that restarts the fan automatically after a power outage, making it easy to use. Additionally, the chimney has a sleek steel design with a grey finish that will complement any decor.


We really like this chimney! It installs easily and works great. We love the fact that it has a baffle filter system as it keeps our kitchen much cleaner than without one. The automatic restart function is also very handy – we have had several power outages since installing this chimney and it’s been so nice not having to worry about getting updraft or smoke in our house!


The only drawback of this unit is its noise level – but even then it’s not too bad compared to some other models we looked at.


  • This chimney has a size of 60 cm and suction power of 1100 m3/h.
  • You get a 5 year warranty only the motor and the overall chimney comes with a warranty of 1 year.
  • Features a curved glass design which is available in silver and black colour.
  • Also has push button controls along with a stainless steel baffle filter.


  • Great suction capacity
  • Powerful LED lights
  • Powerful motor
  • Toughened glass is very sturdy


  • High maintenance
  • The installation service isn’t always so great

Editor’s Tip: This budget-friendly, easy-to-use chimney ensures good performance with features suitable for small kitchens with 2-3 burner gas stoves. But it’s a little high maintenance in the sense that the cleaning procedure needs a little effort and is a bit time-consuming. Plus, it’s better if you can get it installed personally.

6. Faber 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney – HOOD CREST HC SC BK 90

Faber 90 cm 1200 m3

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Faber is the other most popular best Kitchen Chimney Brand that one can buy in India. It is best for the 3-5 burner stove and can be used as a wall mounted Chimney.

The Faber HC SC BK 90 is a high-end, touch and gesture-controlled chimney hood that delivers excellent performance. It’s 900 mm wide and has an extraction rate of 1,200 m3/hr, making it ideal for large kitchens. The HC SC BK 90 also features filter less operation which helps to keep your kitchen clean and free from unwanted odors.


One of the best features of this hood is its touch control panel which makes it very easy to use. There are also various settings available such as intensive mode or night time mode so you can customize it to suit your needs. Additionally, the HC SC BK90 has a motion sensor which means that you can simply wave your hand in front of it to operate the fan speed or turn on the light without having to touch any buttons! This feature comes in really handy when your hands are full or dirty.


Overall, we were extremely impressed with this hood and would definitely recommend it to those who want something stylish yet powerful!


  • The size of the chimney is 90 cm and you can use it with a 3 to 5 burner stove.
  • The suction capacity of this chimney is 1200 m3/h and it has a noise level of just 58 dB
  • The chimney comes with feather touch control which makes it easy to use the chimney
  • You also get 1 year warranty on the chimney along with 5 years warranty on the rotor and on the motor.


  • Efficient performance with its filterless technology and high suction capacity
  • Powerful LED Lights
  • Top-notch motion sensor
  • Very effective auto-clean technology
  • Sturdy build with a toughened glass shield
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Expensive
  • A bit noisy but bearable
  • Poor Installation service

Editor’s Tip: This chimney makes up for its premium price with user-friendly technologies, low maintenance, and exclusive features. If you have a large kitchen or a multiple-burner gas stove, you can go for this product. Just make sure you can bear the noise level and get it installed personally.

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7. Eurodomo 60 cm 1200 m3/h Auto-Clean Chimney – Prime HC TC BK 60

Eurodomo 60 cm 1200 m3

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The Eurodomo 60 cm 1200 m³/hr Auto-Clean curved glass Kitchen Chimney is a high quality product that is perfect for use in any kitchen especially the kitchen in India. The hood has a stylish design that will look great in any setting and it comes with touch control so you can easily operate it. With touch control, you can effortlessly adjust settings on this chimney without having to reach up high or fumble around for buttons.

Additionally, the baffle filter ensures that all of the air passing through it is clean and free from contaminants. It also guarantees that all the smoke and grease are captured, so your kitchen stays fresh & clean.  

Eurodomo Kitchen Chimney is a great addition to Indian kitchens with a captivating and elegant design, this chimney can quickly clear the air in your kitchen while cooking.  

It should be noted that the chimney is available in 2 sizes which includes a 60 cm variant and a 90 cm variant. If you intend to use a 2 to 4 burner stove then you can opt for a 60 cm variant but if you intend to use a stove with 3 to 5 burner then we would recommend you to opt for a 90 cm variant.


  • The size of the chimney is 60cm which comes with a suction power of 1200 m3/h.
  • The brand offers a 1 year warranty on the chimney and 5 years warranty on the motor.
  • The chimney comes with an auto-clean feature which makes it a lot easy to clean.
  • The noise level of the chimney is 58 dB and you can operate the motor at various speed levels.


  • A high-quality, sturdy product that is not susceptible to damage
  • The powerful suction capacity that keeps the kitchen clean and fresh even with deep frying and grilling
  • Stainless steel baffle filters with smooth edges make it easy to clean
  • Touch panel and upper glass panel are made from toughened glass which is hard to crack
  • The auto-clean feature makes it very easy to clean and maintain
  • Budget-friendly
  • Good installation service


  • A bit noisy
  • LED Lights are not very powerful

Editor’s Tip: This chimney is a great example of value-for-money products, offering such a sturdy device with good features and hassle-free operation at an affordable price. The installation services are also said to be very efficient, except that they charge a little extra money sometimes. It’s truly a good chimney to buy at such a price if you can bear the noise level and low-powered LED lights.

8. Eurodomo 60 cm 1050 m³/hr Pyramid Kitchen Chimney – HOOD CARBON PB BK 60

Eurodomo 60 cm 1050 m

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This chimney is available in Grey and Black colour and it has a good airflow as well. As per the standard, you get 3 speed settings along with Stainless Steel Baffle Filters.

When it comes to kitchen appliances, Inalsa is a brand that you can trust. This company has been in the business for over three decades now and manufactures some of the best quality products in India. The 60 cm 1150 m³/hr Pyramid Chimney Classica 60BKBF with SS Baffle Filter/Push Button Control from this manufacturer is no exception.


This chimney has a sleek design and looks very classy when installed in your kitchen. It comes with a stainless steel baffle filter which traps grease and other particles present in the air so that they don’t escape into your home or affect your health adversely.


Furthermore, there is also a push button control panel included on this appliance which makes it easy to operate even if you’re cooking multiple dishes at once! Talking from the price perspective, it is one of the most affordable chimneys that you will find in the market and this is the best part about the chimney.


  • A basic 60 cm chimney with a suction capacity of 1050 m3/h
  • Has a noise level of 65 dB with dual light setup and 3 speed settings.
  • The brand offers 2 years warranty on the chimney and 7 years warranty on the motor.
  • Available in 2 colours and suitable for the kitchen with a size of up to 175 sq. feet.


  • Good features at a nominal price
  • Great suction capacity for small kitchens
  • Highly powerful bright LED lights
  • Easy to clean


  • Not sturdy enough
  • The comparatively higher noise level
  • The motor makes noise sometimes
  • Low quality plastic duct pipes
  • Poor installation service

Editor’s Tip: This budget-friendly chimney is the perfect fit for small Indian kitchens, which involves heavy cooking with oils and spices. If you can bear the noise, which is slightly higher, and sturdiness isn’t a requirement, then you can go for this. Also, it will be better if you can get it installed personally and replace the plastic duct pipes with aluminum ones at the time of installation. All things considered, at such a nominal price, this chimney is really good to go with smaller kitchens.

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9. Faber 60cm 1000 m3/hr Chimney – Hood Tratto Plus BK LTW 60

Faber 60cm 1000 m3

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When looking for a quality chimney, the Faber 60cm 1000 m3/hr Chimney (Hood Tratto Plus BK LTW 60, 2 Triple Layer Baffle Filters, Black) is a great option to consider. This model has many features that make it an excellent choice, including triple-layer baffle filters and a black finish.


The hood also includes an acoustic optimization function that helps reduce noise levels from cooking appliances by up to six decibels. Additionally, there are four power levels so you can select the perfect setting for your needs. And with a maximum extraction capacity of 1 000 cubic meters per hour, this hood can handle even the most demanding kitchens.


  • This chimney has a size of 60 cm and it is suitable for a gas stove which has 2 to 4 burners
  • The brand offers a 1 year warranty on the chimney and it also offers 12 years warranty on the motor.
  • The suction capacity of the chimney is 1000 m3/hr
  • It comes with a 3 layer baffle filter which can extract the grime out very easily.
  • It comes with a powerful motor that helps to enhance the suction capacity, lowers the noise level, and ensures durability.
  • Its auto-clean technology aids in easy and effective cleaning.


  • Good Suction Capacity
  • Easy to clean baffle filters
  • LED lights are bright and powerful
  • User-friendly


  • A little noisy
  • Cannot remove the spicy odor
  • Needs frequent cleaning

Editor’s Tip: This budget-friendly product comes with good features and is very easy to use and clean. However, it is suitable for small kitchens and cooking that doesn’t involve any oils or spices. So, if you like simple cooking, can bear the noise, and don’t mind frequently cleaning a chimney at such an affordable rate, you can go for this one.

10. Sunflame 60 cm 1100 m³/hr Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney – BELLA 60 BK

Sunflame 60 cm 1100 m

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The Sunflame 60 cm 1100 m³/hr Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney (Black) is a high-quality piece of equipment that can make your cooking experience much better. The chimney has a curved glass design, which makes it look very stylish and modern. It also comes with an LED light that creates a nice atmosphere in the kitchen while you’re cooking.


Additionally, the chimney has three speed settings so you can choose the one that’s best for your needs. Furthermore, it features a powerful motor of 1100m3/hour that will quickly clear the air in your kitchen. And lastly, it’s easy to install and use thanks to its simple controls.


I really like this Sunflame 60 cm 1100 m³/hr Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney (Black). It’s such an improvement over my old chimney! The curved glass design is really classy and modern looking, and I love how bright the LED light is – it makes me feel more at home while I’m cooking dinner late at night.


Another great thing about this product is the variety of speeds available; I’ve found that different speeds are necessary depending on what I’m making.

To conclude, we can say that Sunflame is one such reliable brand that you can choose without a second thought and the products from the brand are also affordable which advantage is certainly for the consumer.


  • This chimney from Sunflame has a size of 60 cm and it is good enough for 2 to 4 burner stove.
  • Features an extended curved glass so that the smoke doesn’t
  • Quite a powerful chimney and it is available in 2 colours which are black and silver.
  • The brand offers a warranty of 1 year on the chimney and 5 years on the motor.


  • Powerful suction capacity
  • Highly efficient baffle filters


  • Noisy motor
  • Weak exhaust pipe
  • Poor installation service

Editor’s Tip: This user-friendly chimney offers some great features priced at such a nominal rate. The only problem seems to be the installation service, which you can fix by getting personal help. And, if you can adjust to the motor sound and replace the exhaust pipe with a sturdier one at the time of installation, the chimney will be a good fit for your small kitchen with heavy cooking.

How to choose the best chimney for your kitchen?

You should consider various aspects and facets before making the choice of buying a chimney. Here, we have discussed those aspects in detail. This buying guide will help you find the chimney that is just right for your kitchen. Let’s discuss these aspects.

  1. Consider the size of the chimney

size of the chimney

Chimneys come in different size variants. Some of them are large while the others are comparatively smaller. Before buying a chimney, you should always get the details of its size. Make the comparison between the size of your kitchen cabinets and the chimney so that the chimney will fit perfectly in your kitchen and not cause any damage or look odd. A basic rule here is that the chimney you choose must be the size of a stove or cooking platform but never smaller than that.

  1. Consider the design of the chimney

Depending on the design, kitchen chimneys are of two types i.e. Contemporary and Convectional. Contemporary Chimneys are mostly used in modular kitchens because of their sleek design and style symbol. They are generally made of stainless steel and come in different colour variants and are more expensive. On the other hand, Convectional Chimneys are less expensive, less stylish and more focused on performance rather than the style.

  1. Consider the price of the chimney

The price of the chimney depends largely on its size as well as design. Sometimes the chimneys may need additional ducting and this may add up to its price. You should always consider the price of the chimney that you are buying and then buy the one that fits best to your budget. Many manufacturers provide free installation so may not worry about installation charges. But you should always check if the installation is free or not.

There’s a huge debate Which is best Kitchen Chimney Duct Vs. Ductless

  1. Consider the type of the chimney

This aspect completely depends on the structure as well as the construction of your kitchen. There are three common types of chimneys that can fit in various structures of your kitchen. These are – Island chimney, built-in chimneys and wall-mounted chimney. The island chimneys are best if you have a cooking platform at the centre of your kitchen.

They hang from the ceiling to provide suction. Built-in chimneys are the ones that are fitted against the wall and inside the kitchen cabinets. Lastly, wall mounted chimneys are fitted on the wall. These are not surrounded by the kitchen cabinets and hence hang solo. Make sure you consider all of this.

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  1. Consider the suction power of the chimney

The suction power of your chimney will depend upon its size. The chimney you choose much be able to change the air of the kitchen in a matter of ten minutes. If it takes more than that then you may need a chimney with higher suction power.

There are also calculation methods available on the web that you may use to calculate the size of the chimney your kitchen requires. Most chimney manufacturers provide free installation. They may also help you in choosing the suction power that is best suited for your home. Suction power is a very important aspect that you should never ignore while buying a chimney.

Also, depending on the rooms you have in your home you may need a specific suction power.

  1. Consider the filter of the chimney

There are generally three types of filters in a chimney. These are: Baffle filter, Carbon filter and Cassette filter. Baffle filters are made in such a way that even when they are loaded with grease and oil, their suction power is not affected.

They are best suited to be used in kitchens where Indian food is cooked. It needs very less maintenance. Whereas, carbon filters are widely used for absorbing odour from a kitchen. The oil and grease may get clogged in these and hence these filters need a replacement after six months.

Lastly, Cassette filters are the filters that have a good suction ability but these filters may also get clogged by oil and grease. But unlike carbon filters, these filters can be cleaned once they get clogged and then put back in the chimney again. Hence, you should always consider the filter of the chimney you are going to purchase.

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Top 5 Kitchen Chimney Brands In India


Hindware is a popular brand in India for outstanding kitchen appliances. And along with many other products in the chest, Hindware has some really exciting kitchen chimneys that are worth considering if you are after a reliable and feature-rich chimney for your home kitchen. With the best-in-class build quality and performance, the Hindware Kitchen chimneys are one of the most reliable ones out in the market.

The thing that makes the Hindware Chimneys better than the competition is the outstanding customer care service. All the Chimney models from Hindware are backed up by the industry-leading warranty, and if you are after reliability, Hindware kitchen chimneys are literally unmatched.


The second brand that you can consider while looking for a reliable kitchen chimney for your home is Elica. Elica has gained tremendous popularity in India when it comes to kitchen appliances. With the emphasis on build quality, Elica kitchen appliances are probably the best when it comes to durability. Elica Kitchen Chimneys are great to look at and if you are after excellent build and unmatched design, the Elica Kitchen Chimneys are great options to look for.

In addition to the design and build, the Elica Kitchen chimneys are great performers too. So, whether you are after performance or looks, the Elica Kitchen Chimneys are not going to disappoint you at all.


Faber kitchen chimneys & home appliances are for those users who are looking for a great build and service promise. With better design and a great list of models make Faber an exciting brand for kitchen chimneys. If you are also after a brand that has some really brilliant kitchen chimneys as per the Indian home needs and that is easier to maintain and has some great useful features, Faber is the right brand to go with.


Eurodomo is a relatively new company for Kitchen chimneys in India. However, the company’s products can easily compete with the top brands for Kitchen chimneys. The excellent build quality, easy maintenance, and decent price list are a few major things that make Eurodomo a perfect choice for Indian buyers. So, if you are also after a new yet reliable brand for your kitchen, you should once try hands on Eurodomo.

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Sunflame is one of the most popular choices for kitchen appliances in India and with some excellent models of kitchen chimneys, the Sunflame now offers a complete kitchen package to buyers. You can rely on Sunflame for better usability and an outstanding list of features. So, try your hand on Sunflame if you are looking for complete value for your money.

Final Verdict: 

The best chimney for an Indian kitchen will be depending on the specific needs of each kitchen. Some factors to consider include the size of the home or kitchen, how often it will be used, and what type of fuel will be burned. A few popular options that have been recommended by experts include stainless steel chimneys, 90-degree flue systems with an insulation jacket, and sealed combustion units. Some chimney brands that are popular in India include Elica 60cm Auto Clean Chimney, Eurodomo 90cm Auto Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney, Faber 90cm Heat Auto Clean Chimney, Elica 60cm Electric Kitchen Chimney, Hindware 60cm Baffle Filter Chimney are best options to consider. 

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