Top 8 Best Auto Clean Chimney In India 2022

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Cooking chimneys serve an essential function in keeping your kitchen oil and dirt free. There have been various chimney types available on the marketplace; however, auto clean chimney’s are the most popular in Indian households for a number of reasons. 

Automatic clean chimneys are equipped with a unique hydrocarbon solution that extracts grease from smokes and pollutants, resulting in excellent air purification with minimal maintenance. The cooking chimney’s total care has decreased  thanks to the automated material handling functionality, extending its lifespan and improving the evacuation filter’s performance. 

Many brands manufacture automated cleaning chimneys, but among the pool of various such chimneys, it is really difficult to find the best auto clean chimney in India.

Best Auto Clean Chimney In India Of 2022 

The auto clean chimneys are no doubt a must buy to keep your kitchen in top notch condition, as it soaks all the vapor, cooking smell and oil stains. The top 8 best auto cleaning chimneys in India are listed below for you to choose the ideal one that suits best for  your kitchen.

This isn’t a compilation composed of wild scribbles. It’s backed up by evidence. We evaluated over 50 different chimneys and spent four months conducting deep analysis to narrow down the top eight.

Considering all of the elements that come to mind when choosing a chimney for oneself, including the size of the kitchen, mounting style, sensor type, and the essential component, after-sales assistance.

1. Faber Hood Crest Plus 90 cm Auto Clean Chimney


Faber Hood Crest Plus 90 cm Auto Clean Chimney

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Key Features- 

  • 1200 m3/hr suction capacity (for kitchens larger than 200 sq ft and intensive frying/grilling).
  • Maximum noise control through electrical touch.
  • Touch control with 3-speed motion sensor.
  • Instead of a separate filter, cleaning through airflow angle.

Filterless technology is included in the Faber Hood Crest Plus variant. The filterless chimney is the next version of Auto-clean Chimneys. Filterless chimneys have no filters, so there are no cleaning difficulties, and maintenance-free. The location of the motor within the chimney creates a clean passage for smoke and air.

The capacity to identify and understand human body motions to engage is known as gesture control. It regulates the chimney without requiring direct physical touch. It keeps oil and grease particles from affecting the chimney’s suction force, and stores the oil in a collector, which extends the life of the filters and lowers the need to clean them regularly.

A tremendous suction of 1200 m3/hr is a result of the inclusion of a Metal Blower and a high-capacity motor. Hood Crest Plus is designed to be simple to maintain and operate, so you won’t have to spend much time cleaning your chimney. It keeps oil and grease particles from affecting the chimney’s suction force. 

 Faber Chimney is the ideal blend of performance, aesthetics, and technology.


  • Filterless technology
  • Gesture Control
  • Low noise level
  • 1200m3/hr suction power


  • The auto-clean feature may not operate properly.
  • Bad after-sales services.

Editor’s Tips- It is a good product with great suction power and hassle-free installation service.


2. Elica Filterless Auto Clean Chimney Elica Filterless Auto Clean Chimney

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Key Features:- 

  • more effectively pulls in harmful smoke and oily fumes.
  • Curved Glass, Wall Mounted 
  • motion sensing technology
  • filterless technology (60cm)

The attractive design of the WDFL 606 HAC MS NERO kitchen chimney will enhance the appeal of your kitchen. 

This chimney will always provide you with a powerful performance.

The chimney has a separate oil collection. The oil collector neatly gathers the oil and other waste. 

Its rust-free design and stainless steel construction assure longevity and easy cleaning. The heated pad on the motor group assembles the oil in an oil collecting cup at the bottom of this kitchen peninsula. 

This kitchen gadget also has two high-efficiency LED lights. The LED lighting is meant to make cooking easier. Now you’ll never have to worry about cooking in the dark. Thus, it is arguably one of the best auto clean chimneys in India.


  • Touch control panel
  • Heat auto clean technology
  • Easy to use


  • Hassled Installation service
  • May experience electric shock while using

Editor’s Tips- This product contains many great features at its provided price, but eventually, technical errors start occurring after heavy usage.

3. Eurodomo 90 cm Auto-Clean curved glass Kitchen Chimney Eurodomo 90 cm Auto-Clean curved glass Kitchen Chimney

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Key Features:-

  • Curved Glass, Wall mounted, Auto-Clean chamber.
  • Suction Capacity: 1200 m3/hr.
  • Oil Collector and Heat Auto-Clean feature
  • control Type: Touch

The chimney features sophisticated heat auto clean technology and an oil collector for completely hassle-free oil collection. Cooking without smoke or dust is possible thanks to the great suction capability.

The chimney is equipped with a slightly elevated titanium baffle filter, ensuring that the filters will last a long time. 

The beauty and elegance of the chimney is enhanced by the addition of a touch control panel. A high-quality stainless steel baffle filter is included, which aids in the filtration of all oil, smoke, and residue particles. The filter requires minimal maintenance and should be cleaned regularly to ensure proper operation.

This elegant HC TC 90 electric chimney from Eurodomo is all you need to keep your kitchen up to date. 2 LED lights have been added to help light up your cooking area for a more enjoyable cooking experience. The chimney has a 1200 cubic meter per hour power capability. 


  • Heat auto clean technology
  • Easy to clean
  • Free installation
  • High suction power
  • Led lights as indicators


  • No all-round performance
  • Poor customer facility 

Editor’s Tips- Overall a great combination of features and will work perfectly in a small house and might be a fiasco in longevity.


4. GLEN Auto Clean curved glass Kitchen Chimney GLEN Auto Clean curved glass Kitchen Chimney

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Key features:- 

  • Wall mounted, glass curved
  • Touch control
  • Motion sensor
  • Noiseless

The Glen 6060 Auto Clean chimney is India’s best auto clean chimney and is a perfect choice if someone wants a chimney that makes the filter cleaning procedure simple. 

It features a shallow oil collecting pan to collect oil and grease particles without a filter. The external oil collection collects the grease particles. Detach the oil collector, wash it, dry it with a cotton cloth, then again adjust it for future use.

The 150W powerful motor delivers a strong suction with little noise. Touch controllers with a motion sensor are simple to use. 

The powerful 1050 m3/h suction pushes the smoke from the pans outside, leaving the kitchen odor-free and the walls clear of dirt. When combined with sophisticated motion sensors and a lighting power-saving LED bulb, this chimney creates the ideal cooking environment.

The black finish and curved glass design give your kitchen a very stylish and sophisticated appeal. Glen appears to have given careful consideration to the comfort of its consumers. It has removed the filters from its chimneys and has added an oil collector. 

The benefits of each of these are straightforward. Because it is filterless, you are spared the trouble of cleaning it regularly, thereby lowering the maintenance cost to almost zero.


  • Motor sensor with touch control
  • Powerful suction
  • Beautiful design
  • Filterless


  • Hassled Customer care service
  • Occasional delivery of the damaged product

 Editor’s Tips- A very reliable product that provides value for money. With great suction power and stunning design, this product is all you need.


5. Hindware 60cm Auto Clean Chimney

Hindware 60cm Auto Clean Chimney

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Key Features:-

  • Curved glass, wall-mounted
  • Blower Type: Metallic
  • 1 year warranty
  • Baffle filter
  • Thermal auto clean

Hindware Culinary Ensemble’s Elena 60 thermal automated cleaning chimney includes steel baffle filters, a potent 200w actuator, with a high pumping ability of 1100 m3/hr. Elena guarantees an odorless smoke-free kitchen every day for you to enjoy smoke-free cooking in a healthy and pleasant kitchen. 

Elena is equipped with a sturdy and powerful 200W motor, allowing the smart chimney to effortlessly suck up any hazardous gases from your kitchen, guaranteeing a safe and clean environment. Additionally, two very visible and robust twin LED lighting provide increased visibility, allowing you to enjoy cooking with ease.

A long-lasting, strong metal oil collector is included in the chimney, which is easy to clean and can hold more leftovers than conventional plastic oil collectors. 

The Thermal Auto Clean Technology ensures hassle-free cooking. Hindware Elena has Stainless Steel baffle filters in addition to a 200W silent and robust engine. 

It absorbs gases quickly from your kitchen, ensuring a healthy and fresh kitchen every day. 


  • Metallic oil collector cup
  • Push-button controls
  • Smoke-free
  • Led indicators
  • Motion detection


  • Occasional late installation
  • No hanging plates
  • Noisy

Editor’s Tips If you have a medium-size kitchen, this one is ideal for you . 

6. Inalsa Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney

Inalsa Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney

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Key Features:- 

  • Curved glass with sidewall mounting.
  • Filterless chimney
  • Touch Control
  • Motor sensor
  • 3-speed setting

This small and elegantly built cooker hood adds a modern touch to the kitchenette. The chimney Adhesive oil particles gather in the chimney, which is then deposited in the oil collection below. The oil receptacle is simple to clean and maintain.

The motion sensor function of the ZYLO 60BKMAC allows it to identify and interpret human body movements to interact. It regulates the chimney without requiring direct physical touch. Furthermore, auto clean technology eliminates the need to clean your chimney with only one click.

The LED lamp offers the ideal amount of light for cooking and is easy to operate thanks to the touch control.

With Inalsa’s strong 1250 CFM suction and 3-speed motor, you can cook with confidence, knowing that no odors will stay in your kitchen. 


  • Traps grease
  • Energy-saving led lights
  • Suck up odors
  • Reduces action of harmful bacteria


  • Bad built quality
  • Late installation service
  • Noisy

Editor’s Tips– You can get this if your budget is low and you’re willing to sacrifice the appearance of the chimney.

7. Eurodomo Hood Onyx Auto-Clean kitchen chimney

Eurodomo Hood Onyx Auto-Clean kitchen chimney

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Key features:-

  • Curved glass, wall-mounted
  • Push-buttons 
  • Baffle Filters
  • Ensure a high level of efficiency

Eurodomo brings a powerful auto clean chimney for a smoke-free kitchen. 

A slightly elevated deflector sensor aids in removing oil, soot, and airborne particles. The filter requires extremely little upkeep and has to be cleaned once a month. 

The Eurodomo culinary chimneys are equipped with front control panels for easy and quick functioning, and has two LED lights to illuminate your kitchen area.

The generated power of the stack is 1050 cubic meters per hour. Warming without smoke or dust is possible thanks to the great compressed air capability. Input signals are used to operate the chimney’s controls. 

Don’t be worried about touch controls that may damage after a few months. Furthermore, the cooking area is illuminated by two high-performance, energy-saving LED lighting connected to the chimney.

This Eurodomo onyx PB BK 60 chimney features a black color beautiful glass body and is ideal for all modern kitchens. It is a must-have appliance because of its durable design and elegant appearance.


  • Easy to access push buttons
  • Strong suction capacity
  • Baffle filters


  • Occasionally technical glitches occur.
  • It gets noisy at certain moments.

Editor’s Tips – Overall, it is a fantastic product with good service provided—ideal for people with a smaller kitchen space and wants something at a reasonable price. 

8. Hindware Cleo plus 60 Auto-clean chimney

Hindware Cleo plus 60 Auto-clean chimney

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Key features:- 

  • Baffle filters
  • Panels for separation of spices and grease
  • Thermal auto clean
  • Removes foul smell

This Hindware chimney is ideal to get rid of gases, odors, and steam in your kitchen. It accomplishes its goal with complete precision, thanks to technologies like Motion-sensing technology and Thermal Auto-clean technology. 

The installation process is effortless as the manufacturer maintenance team will perform the assembly and demonstration. The production cost does not include the restoration services.

The chimney has a strong suction force, and is one of the best kitchen island chimneys manufactured in the Market because of their highest vacuum function. 

Auto Removal is an advanced function that uses only one touch to clean the oil and dirt that has built up inside the engine. Alloy blowers provide the best possible suction and durability. 

A duct system connects the metal blowers to it. With the motion sensor function, the chimneys may be turned on with a wave of the hand. Hindware Appliances’ vents are exceptionally power-saving.

Hindware Chimneys have equipped with oil-collector cups. Grease-filled droplets ascend with heated air and smoke, eventually collecting in the cup. 

The Hindware Cleo Plus HAC 60 1200 m3/hr 60 cm Wall Mount Chimney is made of stainless steel and has baffle filters that efficiently drive the oil and its residues into the baffle. 


  • Max suction 1200 m3 /hr
  • Metallic blower
  • Metallic oil collector
  • Energy-efficient LED lamps


  • Bad service facility
  • Noise issues

Editor’s Tips– Apart from providing a lot of valuable features, this chimney fails to meet the requirements of the Indian household.

Why buy an auto clean chimney? 

Low maintenance: Essentially, auto clean chimneys require little maintenance. A separate oil collection is supplied in the auto clean chimney. This collector collects any oil particles present in the cooking vapors.

Non-stick turbine blower: Cooking fumes travel via an auto-cleaning chimney with an aluminum non-stick turbine blower. Oil particles are pushed to migrate toward the blower wall by centrifugal forces and collected in easy-to-remove and washable collectors/bowls. 

Auto cleaning: Depending on usage, these removable oil collecting bowels are cleaned once a month. Cleaning oil collectors does not need any additional work. All you have to do is hit the “auto clean” control button while cooking.

Variety: When deciding which style of kitchen chimney to buy, there are several variables to consider. When purchasing kitchen appliances, price, dependability, lifetime, and usefulness are all factors to consider. After considering all of these factors, the auto-clean chimney emerged as the superior choice for homeowners.

Spending a bit extra upfront might not seem ideal, but you’ll be glad you did when you have fewer difficulties to deal with down the road. All these give you perfect reasons to use an auto clean chimney instead of a regular one.


  • Why auto clean chimneys are the best? 

It has an oil collection as well as an auto-clean capacity. This traps the oil and prevents it from entering the chimney. Oil can seep into the frame because the manual kitchen chimney lacks one of these filters. If not cleaned properly, this might cause damage to the chimney. 

This leads nicely into a discussion of maintenance and why an auto clean chimney requires less effort and saves you time. This chimney has an automated cleaning button in addition to the oil collection, which is already an outstanding feature.

  • What should one look for while buying an auto clean chimney? 

When purchasing a kitchen chimney, the following features should be considered: chimney size, design/types, duct, suction power, and filter kinds. Filters have previously been addressed (see above), but the design/type is the essential factor to consider initially.

The type of chimney you receive will be determined by where your stove is placed. An island chimney, a wall-mounted chimney, or a built-in chimney are all options. Following that, the size of the chimney is the next feature to investigate.


The auto clean kitchen chimney has self-cleaning capabilities. As a result, it can remain fresh and can go on for an extended period of time. The best auto clean chimney in India may need to consider improving the longevity and lifespan of the Chimneys.