Baffle Filter VS Filterless Chimney – Which is Better or Best

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Chimneys are an absolute blessing for any kitchen. Isn’t it? It keeps it clean and helps create a hygienic atmosphere for cooking your daily meals. However, with so many advancements in the general features, choosing one for yourself becomes a tough job. 


Don’t worry! Here we will try to settle the baffle filter vs filterless chimney argument, which will help you decide which one is better for you. Although both have the same function of cleaning the air and trapping the dust particles, filterless chimneys do not require regular cleaning, unlike baffle filter chimneys, as they come without filters. 


But this is not enough to decide which one is better. 


So stay tuned to find out everything you need to know about the baffle filter and filterless chimneys. Do not go anywhere, as this will be very interesting and helpful if you are confused between the two. Let us begin!


What is a Baffle Filter Chimney?

With the constant improvement in technology, mesh filter chimneys have been upgraded to baffle filter chimneys, which helps keep your kitchen clean much more effectively. According to most users, it is way better than the carbon filter chimneys, which were used earlier by most people.


Now talking about the baffle filter, these are curved plates made up of stainless steel or high-quality Aluminium. The curved plates help trap the oil and dust particles and keep a check on the airflow, which gives an edge to its overall performance. Besides this, the curved design also prevents the frequent clogging of baffle filter chimneys by dust particles, thus making it your ideal cooking partner.



  • Uses cut and splash mechanism to separate oil and other heavier particles from the air.
  • Easy to clean and does not require high maintenance.
  • Much more durable than the traditional carbon filter chimneys.
  • Perfect for Indian cooking style.



  • Compared to other chimneys, these are quite heavy.
  • There is not much variety in the design of the chimneys using this type of filter.
  • Some amount of maintenance is required for the better functioning of the chimney.


What is a Filterless Chimney?

Okay, so coming to our next type of chimney, which is unique as it does not have any filter. Interesting right? As there is no filter, there is no need for frequent cleaning, making it an ideal choice for users having a busy lifestyle. Moreover, it also brings down the maintenance cost, one of the best parts of using this chimney. 


There is the presence of an oil collector which accumulates all the waste oil, and the entire cleaning process is swiftly carried out by pressing the automatic clean button. It hardly takes a few minutes which helps you save your precious time. 


Besides this, you will not face any issue of clogging as there is no filter. It operates entirely on motor power without making any noise, making it perfect for a pleasant cooking experience.



  • No need to clean the chimney.
  • Zero maintenance cost.
  • Minimum sound production makes it perfect for use.



  • Comparatively, it is much more expensive.
  • It is not ideal for the Indian way of cooking, involving lots of spices and oil.


Baffle Filter Vs Filterless Chimney: All the Major Differences 

Till now, we have discussed enough the basic details of both types of the chimney. So now we will take a look at the comparison between the two based on certain points, which will serve as a guide for you to decide which one is perfect for your needs. Let’s get started!

Listed Below are the main differences between Baffle filter v/s Filterless Chimney.

ParametersBaffle filter ChimneyFilterless Chimney
Construction material Stainless steel or AluminiumStainless steel
Working of the filtersOil and grease particles stick to the baffleAbsence of filter, uses motor power
MaintenanceNot so easy to maintainEasy to maintain
Noise levelModerate Low
PriceAffordableRelatively high



Most important aspect of any product is durability which is determined by several factors like the materials used in making it, maintenance and usage. In terms of durability, both are long-lasting. Still, in comparison, baffle filter chimneys get the upper hand as these are made up of high-quality materials and often last longer than filterless chimneys.


Construction material

Baffle filter mainly comprises curved plates made up of stainless steel or high-quality Aluminium, which provides enough strength and durability. On the other hand, filterless chimneys do not come with filters. Hence there is no point in talking about the construction material in this case.


Working of the filters

As far as the working of the filters is concerned, in the case of baffle filters, the Aluminium or steel plates help to separate oil and dust particles from the smoke using a cut and splash mechanism. But filterless chimneys use motor suction power to do the work equally well as they are devoid of filters.



Yet, another important aspect of any product is maintenance. So here, filterless chimneys are a step ahead as they require almost no maintenance at all, which means zero maintenance cost. However, baffle filters require cleaning at regular intervals, like once every 3 months. In this case, the presence of an auto-clean feature can reduce the frequency of cleaning and make your work much more convenient.


Noise Level

Filterless chimneys are silent operators in contrast to the baffle filter chimneys, which are noisy at times which may create a disturbance. At the same time, you are busy cooking your favourite food.



Baffle filter chimneys are available at a much affordable cost. However, filterless chimneys are quite expensive. But investing in a filterless chimney will prove beneficial in the long run as it requires negligible maintenance cost and works well for a long time.


Baffle filter Vs Filterless: Which one is suitable for Indian Kitchen?


The main purpose of a chimney is to keep the kitchen clean and maintain a fresh airflow during the entire term of its usage. Having said this, both baffle filters and filterless chimneys are quite efficient in maintaining a pure atmosphere in the kitchen. 


But coming to the Indian cooking style, you already know that it involves a lot of spices and oil, which is difficult to handle.


So in the case of Indian Kitchen, the use of baffle filter chimneys is highly suggested. They can effectively handle the high amount of oil and dust particles by using the cut and splash technology. Besides this, it is also very durable, which further increases its demand in the Indian market. 


However, if a low or moderate amount of oil and spices are used in the cooking, you can also go for the filterless chimneys to do the work equally well.



On an ending note, we will like to say that both types of chimneys are excellent in their job of removing all the unwanted particles from the air. Now the final decision depends on your budget and your requirements. 

We hope this article on baffle filter vs filterless chimney helped you in getting a clear idea about both types of chimneys. We will be back with another article in a short while. Thank you for reading!