Baffle Filter V/S Auto Clean Chimney | Which is Best ?

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Kitchens are a place where we must have a dust-free environment. The smoke that arises in the kitchen and the vapours, grease from the food settle here and there in the kitchen. 

This leads to not only dust gathering in the kitchen but also can harm our health. The fumes which pass away from cooking foods stick here and there in the kitchen. This leads to the formation of germs and bacteria and can cause sickness.

I had been feeling some sensations in my throat after each cooking session. Because of this reason I asked my friends and family and everyone to get rid of this problem. 

Everyone helped me out. My friends recommended that I should use chimney filters. I started using chimney filters about a year ago, and each of my cooking sessions is much more enjoyable. My throat seems perfect, and there is no sneezing and coughing out of the blue.

Here I will be addressing the baffle filter v/s auto clean Chimney debate, and try to pick a winner. I have used both of them. I will be helping you out to know the best one for your kitchen.


A baffle filter is one of the best traditional options available in the market. It diverts the direction of the air repeatedly using the baffle plates. It is a type of chimney constructed by interlocking baffles. It is used to remove grease from smoke. It can operate at high temperatures. 

It can function with a filter tray, so the residue gets collected. It ensures efficiency. It also removes any size of impurity. It is getting more popular day by day. It provides better grease filtration and a lower fire risk rate. It is made of high-quality Aluminium or stainless-steel curved plates that can control airflow.


1.Provides good grease filtration.

2.Resistant to fire and flame.

3.It has a good appearance.

4.Being stainless, it is resistant to corrosion.

5.It is durable.

6.It is easy to clean and requires less maintenance than other filters.

7.It is available at a reasonable price and is operative for the long term.

8.It has improved airflow; therefore, it has efficient suction power of the motor.

9.It is long-lasting.


1.It is a bit heavy.

2.It can be expensive for some people.

3.It requires time to time cleaning.

What is an AUTO CLEAN chimney?

The conventional chimney comes with its drawbacks. One of them being the hectic cleaning process. On the other hand, auto clean vents prevent the sticking of oil and grease particles to the filter, which can affect the suction capacity of the chimney, leading to a reduction in performance and efficiency. 

If you don’t like cleaning your conventional ducts too often, then auto clean chimneys are best suited for your usage. With the automatic cleaning feature, the longevity as well as the functioning of the suction filter increases. 

It comes with a particular oil collector that separates oil from smoke and fumes, leading to effective air purification in the kitchen. It reduces the overall maintenance of the chimney. It uses an automatic blower with a special oil collector that separates oil from smoke and fumes.


1.It is easy to maintain.

2.No manual washing is required.

3.It saves a lot of time.

4.High-speed turbine blower.

5.More technologically advanced.

6.It highly prevents oil and grease.

7.It does not require rapid cleaning.


1.The price of this chimney is relatively higher and is not much affordable

2.The mechanism used is complex, and so the repair costs increase manifolds.

3.Not very appropriate for heavy smoke.


Listed Below are the main difference between baffle filter v/s auto clean Chimney.

ParametersBaffle FilterAuto clean chimney
DurabilityHighly durableHighly durable
Construction MaterialStainless steelStainless steel with Aluminium blower
Working of the filtersCatches oil, grease particlesOil collection, anti-oil clogging
MaintenanceLess maintainableEasy to maintain
Noise LevelModerate to HighLower
PriceAffordableRelatively higher


Durability: The baffle filters are durable and long-lasting. The auto clean chimney has a self-cleaning property, making it more efficient and resistant.

Construction material: Baffle filters are usually made from Aluminium or stainless steel. They have multiple stainless steel curved panels. Meanwhile, an auto clean chimney comes with a turbine blower that is Aluminium and non-stick and that prevents oil clogging on the internal parts of the kitchen chimney.

Working of the filters: The auto clean chimney comes with an Aluminium blower turbine that sucks oil from fumes and stores it in an oil collector. Due to centrifugal force, oil particles are then forced to keep moving toward the blower wall and are then collected in some easily removable and washable collectors. On the other hand, the baffle filter is the flow control panel and has curves in stainless steel panels to catch oil and grease particles.

Maintenance: The auto clean chimney does not require much maintenance and slight care is also sufficient. Baffle filters require a moderate to a high level of maintenance. Auto clean chimneys have suitable cleaning technologies with most advanced technologies.

Noise level: The baffle filter produces moderate to high-level noise, while the auto clean chimney has a lower noise level. Auto clean vents provide super silent operation.

Price: The price depends on factors like working mechanism, size and filter of the chimney. The auto clean filter provides better facilities, and so it is more expensive and cannot be afforded by everyone. Baffle filters are available at a reasonable price.

Baffle Filter vs Auto Clean: Which One is Better for an Indian Kitchen?

The auto clean chimney is undoubtedly a modern invented technology, but the traditional baffle filter chimney is the best one to buy. One of the significant factors that support this is that the baffle filter provides far better performance than auto clean when using heavy oil and spices. 

Traditional chimneys come with different types of filters which separates oil and other heavy particles from the smoke. Also, it requires cleaning within three months of use. On the other hand, an auto clean chimney is a good option for medium to high oil frying. 

However, the baffle filter requires more maintenance while the auto clean needs almost no maintenance. The noise produced is also low in the case of autotune chimneys. It also saves time, is more reliable and lasts longer. So, concluding, an auto clean chimney is a better option for an Indian kitchen.


Summing up this baffle filter v/s auto clean chimney debate, when you are suffering from dust, smoke and gas that comes out from the prepared food, do not just wait and follow the guidelines as mentioned above for the chimney. 

To get rid of the oil particles that settle everywhere and irritate your mood, choose the proper chimney for your kitchen. Just as you have carbon filters in your water purifiers, you can have these filters in your ducts as well. They help in purifying the environment and air of the kitchen. 

It also helps in cooking food quickly. They remove the bad smell from the food. The oil and other greasy particles can stick to the carbon filters and so their cleaning is a must thing.  Thereby their replacement must be made. 

One can replace them after six months every year to ensure cleanliness. This will also hamper bacterial growth in the filters.