Auto Clean Vs Filterless Chimney Differences

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Are you thinking of buying a chimney? We can understand your state of confusion. With so many options available you may end up buying one which does not fulfil all your needs. However, the most challenging part is to compare the most advanced forms, like the auto clean and filterless chimneys.


The primary function of both the chimneys is to trap the oil and dust particles and increase fresh airflow. These machines not only help in keeping the kitchen clean but also helps in keeping the food free of any harmful particles. But you have to know the difference between an auto clean and filterless chimney to find out which one is better for you. 


The auto clean chimney makes use of smart technology by which it can automatically clear all the dust and oil particles clogged in the chimney with a single touch. Most of the time, it contains a filter. 


But if we talk about the filterless chimneys, these are devoid of filters and do not require cleaning quite often. This is just the fundamental difference, and you cannot conclude anything from this. So we will be talking about Auto Clean vs Filterless Chimney in detail in the upcoming sections of this article. Stay tuned!


What is an Auto Clean chimney?

As the name suggests, auto clean chimneys do not require any manual effort for basic maintenance. It’s just a matter of one-touch, and there you go! The striking feature of an auto clean chimney is the presence of an oil collector, which accumulates all the oil present in the smoke. The best thing about this oil tray is that you can easily remove oil from the tray after a certain interval of time, and your chimney becomes ready to be used again.


Another important thing is the presence of a non-stick Aluminium turbine blower which helps in separating the oil particles from smoke by using centrifugal force. Auto clean chimneys are gaining much popularity among users because of their low maintenance and affordable price.



  • Easy to use and easy to maintain.
  • Saves your time.
  • More powerful suction.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Durable.



  • Much costly compared to other chimneys.
  • A little bit of cleaning is required to empty the oil tray after certain intervals.
  • Complex mechanism increases the repair cost to a much higher level.


What is a Filterless Chimney?

These are chimneys without filters, and thus the level of maintenance required is almost negligible. As there is no filter, there is no need to worry about the clogging issue, which tends to lower the lifespan of a chimney. 


Moreover, the absence of filters also reduces the maintenance cost to almost zero value.


So if there is no filter, then how does it work? It simply works by using motor power which is powerful enough to remove all the dust particles from the smoke. These are quite user friendly as they operate silently and thus does not create any disturbance during your cooking sessions.



  • No more cleaning is required at frequent intervals.
  • Almost negligible cost of upkeep.
  • No sound production makes it much more user friendly.



  • Generally, filterless chimneys are pretty expensive, but not as much as auto clean chimneys.
  • Not perfect for Indian households using high amounts of oil and spices during cooking.


Auto Clean Vs Filterless Chimney  Comparison:

As we have already discussed much of the basic features of an Auto Clean and Filterless Chimney, now it’s time to take a look at the demarcating features. These are also the main factors that you need to analyse before making the final purchase. So without further delay, let us begin!

Listed Below are the main differences between Auto Clean vs Filterless Chimney.

ParametersAuto Clean ChimneyFilterless Chimney
Durability Highly durableRelatively less durable
Construction material Stainless steel along with an Aluminium turbine blowerStainless steel
Working of the filtersPresence of oil collector, anti- oil cloggingNo filter present, uses suction power
Maintenance Easy to maintain Easy to maintain
Noise LevelLowerNegligible
PriceRelatively higherHigh cost



Starting with the lifespan, Auto Clean chimneys are much more durable than filterless chimneys. In Auto Clean chimneys, there is no chance of oil getting stuck in any part of the chimney. Moreover, the presence of advanced features increases its lifespan to many folds compared to filterless chimneys. 


Although filters are absent in filterless chimneys, the chances of damage by oil are much more, and hence it is not so long-lasting.


Construction material

Here again, auto clean chimneys are superior as they are made up of high-quality materials like aluminium or steel. But the filterless chimneys are also not made of crap, but the quality of the material used is not as high as that of an auto clean chimney.


Working of the filters

In the case of auto clean chimneys, a turbine blower separates the oil from the smoke by using centrifugal force and collects the oil in a tray. On the other hand, filterless chimneys use motor suction power to get rid of the unwanted particles, which destroy the kitchen and potentially harm your health by contaminating the food.



Now, talking about the upkeep, both require low maintenance. But on comparing, it is found that the auto clean chimneys require a little bit of cleaning once in a while, which is not needed in filterless chimneys. 


In auto clean chimneys, you have to clean the oil tray at regular intervals, which is not required in filterless chimneys. So the cost of maintenance is also very low in both the chimneys and almost zero for filterless chimneys.


Noise level

Filterless chimneys do not produce any unnecessary sound during their use, contributing to its rapid growth in the market. However, some auto clean chimneys may emit a little bit of sound, which may be annoying while you are busy cooking your favourite meal.



Generally, both auto clean and filterless chimneys are quite expensive. But the auto clean chimneys are more on the costlier side as these are the latest and most advanced chimneys with high demand. But once you invest, you will not regret it, and that’s for sure.


Auto Clean Vs Filterless: Which one is suitable for Indian Kitchen?

As far as Indian households are concerned, most of them use oil and spices while cooking. Honestly, all the chimneys can’t handle such heavy smokes, and thus you need to know which one is perfect for this purpose. 


So to end your curiosity, we will like to reveal that the auto clean chimneys are much more reliable than the filterless chimneys when it comes to an Indian Kitchen. But why?


It is all because of the presence of an oil collector in the case of auto clean chimneys, which gives it an edge over the filterless ones. These oil collectors are much easier to clean, and once they are clean, they can be used again to remove all the oil present in the smoke. But this doesn’t mean that filterless chimneys are of no use here; these can also be used in Indian households which prefer bland food with low levels of oil and spices.



With this, we come to the end of the article. This article contains all the vital information about auto clean and filterless chimneys that you need to know before deciding. 


Moreover, we have also compared the chimneys based on certain factors that are essential to analyse and play the role of an ultimate guide. Lastly, we would like to say that whichever chimney you choose should satisfy all your needs and fit into your budget.


That’s all! We hope this article on Auto Clean vs Filterless Chimney helped. Thank you for reading!