Top 8 Best Auto Clean Chimney In India 2021

Best Auto Clean Chimney

Cooking chimneys serve an essential function in keeping your kitchen oil and dirt free. There have been various chimney types available on the marketplace; however, auto clean chimney’s are the most popular in Indian households for a number of reasons.  Automatic clean chimneys are equipped with a unique hydrocarbon solution that extracts grease from smokes … Read more

Baffle Filter VS Filterless Chimney – Which is Better or Best

Baffle Filter VS Filterless Chimney

Chimneys are an absolute blessing for any kitchen. Isn’t it? It keeps it clean and helps create a hygienic atmosphere for cooking your daily meals. However, with so many advancements in the general features, choosing one for yourself becomes a tough job.    Don’t worry! Here we will try to settle the baffle filter vs … Read more